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Aldershot : Ashgate, c2005
xxxvii,361 s. : il., mapy

ISBN 0-7546-3248-2 (váz.)
Ashgate economic geography series
Obsahuje tabulky, grafy, mapky, bibliografické citace, předmluvu, seznam autorů s údaji o nich, rejstřík
Investice zahraniční přímé - Evropa střední a východní - sborníky
Rozvoj regionální - Evropa střední a východní - sborníky
Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Development in East Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union // A Collection of Essays in Memory of Professor Francis ’Frank’ Carter Edited by David Turnock, University of Leicester, UK // With the achievement of further EU and NATO enlargement, a critical political and economic lens is now focused on East Central Europe and, to a lesser extent, the other former communist states. Economic growth in each transition state - and more broadly the region - pivots around the prospects for foreign direct investment (FDI), with decisions on where foreign investors will locate their projects now vitally important. // This book - the first one devoted to a geographical survey concentrating specifically on FDI in the region - brings together a wide range of prominent authors from the US and Europe, including the late Frank Carter, to provide a timely and critical examination of the importance of foreign investment. It presents a detailed analysis of location patterns and their significance for regional development, with particular emphasis given to the important socioeconomic and political consequences of uneven distribution of FDI across the region and its constituent countries. // Divided into two parts, the book first deals with general overarching themes and issues before applying these to more specific country case studies. The second part deals with regional studies, focusing broadly on the Western Balkans and Bulgaria, before looking at specific
economic sectors in individual countries. // Contents // List of Figures and Tables List of Contributors Preface // List of Abbreviations // In Memoriam: Francis William Carter 1938-2001: An Appreciation Hugh Clout // PART ONE: THEMATIC STUDIES // vii // ix // XV // xxiii XXV a // 1 Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe // Michael J. Bradshaw // 2 Technologies of Transition: Foreign Investment and the (Re-)Articulation of East Central Europe into the Global Economy John Pickles and Adrian Smith // 3 Foreign Direct Investment: A Sectoral and Spatial Review Andrew Dawson // 4 Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade Alan Smith // 5 Transformation of the Central and East European Passenger Car Industry: Selective Peripheral Integration through Foreign Direct Investment // Petr Pavlinek // 6 Place Marketing for Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe // Craig Young // Foreign Economic Relations and the Environment: A Historical Approach // Jonathan Oldfield and Andrew Tickle 8 Regional Development with Particular Reference to Cohesion in Cross-Border Regions David Turnock // 3 // 21 // 39 // 55 // 71 // 103 // 123 // 141 // VI // Foreign Direct Investment // PART TWO: REGIONAL STUDIES // 9 Investment and Development in the Western Balkans 185 // Derek Hall // 10 Foreign Direct Investment in Bulgaria: The First Ten Years 209 // Francis W. Carter // 11 Foreign Direct Investment in Bulgaria’s Wood Products Sectors:
// Working with the Grain? 225 // Caedmon Staddon // 12 The Impact of Foreign and Indigenous Capital in Rebuilding Croatia’s // Tourism Industry 243 // Peter Jordan // 13 Strategies of International Investors in Hungary’s Emerging Retail // Market 267 // Erika Nagy // 14 Developing the Euroregions along the Polish-Slovak Border 291 // Wlodzimierz Kurek // 15 Foreign Direct Investment and Social Risk in Romania: Progress in // Less-Favoured Areas 305 // Remus Cretan, Liliana Guran-Nica, Dan Platon and David Turnock // Index // 349

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