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Glenview : Scott, Foresman, 1965
xxii, 441 s. : il. ; 26 cm

Experience and the development of motivation: some reinterpretations / J. McV. Hunt -- Motivation reconsidered: the concept of competence / Robert W. White -- Three faces of intellect / J.P. Guilford -- Individual patterns of development / Nancy Bayley -- Stability of achievement and recognition seeking behaviors from early childhood through adulthood / Howard A. Moss, Jerome Kagan -- The genetic approach to the psychology of thought / Jean Piaget -- The development of quantitative thinking: a systematic replication of Piaget’s studies / David Elkind -- The act of discovery / Jerome S. Bruner -- Sex-role and parental identification / David B. Lynn -- Research in the psychological development of infants: an overview / William Kessen -- Selection and test of response measures in the study of the human newborn / William Kessen, E. Jane Williams, Joanna P. Williams -- The developmental behavioral approach to the neurologic examination in infancy / Hilda Knobloch, Benjamin Pasamanick -- Assessment of infant personality / Bettye M. Caldwell -- The measurement of maternal care / Harriet L. Rheingold -- Development of a parental attitude research instrument / Earl S. Schaefer, Richard Q. Bell -- The influence of the let-down reflex in breast feeding on the mother-child relationship / Niles Newton -- Trends in child care over three generations / Leone Kell, Joan Aldous -- The nature of love / Harry F. Harlow -- The heterosexual affectional system in monkeys / Harry F. Harlow -- The influence of degree of flexibility in maternal child care practices on early child behavior / Ethelyn H. Klatskin, Edith B. Jackson, Louise C. Wilkin -- Observation and parent-child interaction / Damaris Pease, Glenn R. Hawkes -- Adjustment of problem and nonproblem children to specific situations: a study in role theory / Harry H.L. Kitano -- The development of perception in children / M.D. Vernon --
Piaget and the role of guided experiences in human development / Ralph H. Ojemann, Karen Pritchett -- Experimental analysis of the development of the conservation of number / Joachim F. Wohlwill, Roland C. Lowe -- Dependency and helpfulness in young children / Marjorie Stith, Ruth Connor -- Self-derogations in young retardates and special class placement / Joseph H. Meyerowitz -- Effects of maternal employment on the child / Lois Wladis Hoffman -- Verbally expressed needs and overt maternal behaviors / Vaughn J. Crandall, Anne Preston -- Father-absence and delay of gratification: cross-cultural comparisons / Walter Mischel -- The comparative influence of punitive and nonpunitive teachers upon children’s concepts of school misconduct / Jacob S. Kounin, Paul V. Gump -- The relationship between pupil self-evaluation, teacher evaluation of the pupil, and scholastic achievement / Ira J. Gordon, Patricia C. Wood -- The effect of a teaching program in behavioral science on changes in causal behavior scores / Ralph H. Ojemann, Bill C. Snider -- Teaching gifted elementary pupils research concepts and skills / E. Paul Torrance, R.E. Myers -- Effects of structuring on productiveness of children’s thinking / Charlotte Antoinette Crabtree -- Relationship of self-perceptions of early primary children to achievement in reading / Mary W. Lamy -- Person perception in children / Marian Radke Yarrow, John D. Campbell -- New patterns of relationships between the sexes among preadolescents / Carlfred B. Broderick, Stanley E. Fowler -- The development of scientific concepts in children / W.H. King -- The development of conscience: a comparison of American children of different mental and socioeconomic levels / Leonore Boehm -- Studies in concept attainment: III. Effect of instructions at two levels of intelligence / Sonia F. Osler, Sandra Raynes Weiss -- How intelligence tests limit understanding of intelligence / Irving E. Sigel --
Relationship between level of aspiration and selected physical factors of boys aged nine years / H. Harrison Clarke, David H. Clarke -- The relationship between "causal" orientation, anxiety, and insecurity in elementary school children / Rolf E. Muuss -- A cross-national study of children: a study in creativity and mental health / Harold H. Anderson, Gladys L. Anderson -- Children’s learning from television / Wilbur Schramm, Jack Lyle, Edwin B. Parker -- Self-conceptions, motivations, and interpersonal attitudes of late-and early-maturing boys / Paul Henry Mussen, Mary Cover Jones -- Self-conceptions, motivations, and interpersonal attitudes of late-and early-maturing girls / Mary Cover Jones, Paul Henry Mussen -- The use of the parent attitude research inventory with the parents of bright academic underachievers / Merville C. Shaw, Bert E. Dutton -- Family socioeconomic status and adolescent attitudes to authority / Elias Tuma, Norman Livson -- The adolescent culture / James S. Coleman -- Relationships between self-acceptance and sociometric choices / Hayne W. Reese -- Changes in self concepts in relation to perceptions of others / Dorothy M. Kipnis -- Adaptive behavior in competent adolescents: coping with the anticipation of college / Earle Silber [and others] -- Consistency and wisdom of vocational preference as indices of vocational maturity in the ninth grade / Donald E. Super -- Psychological health and cognitive functioning in adolescence: a multivariate analysis / Philip W. Jackson, Jacob W. Getzels, George A. Xydis -- The identification of creativity in adolescents / Ellen V. Piers, Jacqueline M. Daniels, John F. Quackenbush -- Intelligence at adulthood: a twenty-five year follow-up / Katherine P. Bradway, Clare W. Thompson -- A study of children’s moral judgments / Ronald C. Johnson -- The motivating effect of learning by directed discovery / Bert Y. Kersh --
Problem-solving, past experience, and availability of functions / Per Saugstad, Kjell Raaheim

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