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Hove : Language Teaching Publications, c1997
223 s. : il.

ISBN 1-899396-60-8 (brož.)
Obsahuje tabulky, obrázky, slovníček pojmů
Bibliografie: s. 221-223
Lexikologie - příručky učitelské
4 // Contents // Contents // Chapter 1 What is the Lexical Approach? // Introduction What is Lexis? // Sentences with special status Reactions to The Lexical Approach What changes can we expect? // Chapter 2 Understanding Lexis... // Arbitrariness of lexical items The size of the mental lexicon // Vocabulary is more than Words Words Contractions Polywords Information content Common words De-lexicalised words Collocations or Word Partnerships Collocation is linguistic, not thematic Arbitrariness of collocation Collocations in text Partnerships and Relationships Non-reciprocity of collocation Information-content and collocation Strong and frequent collocation Collocation and grammar Pedagogic value of collocation Expressions // Seven - the magic number Frames, slots and fillers Suppression // Expressions and grammar A modified idea of idiom Semi-fixed idioms Presenting Expressions // Lexical awareness helps So what exactly is lexis, then? // Lexis is not enough Evolving understanding // Chapter 3 Lexis in the Classroom ... // Skills as well as language Selecting // Expanding the learners’ lexicon Learning strategies // Contents 5 // Recording and revisiting Practising in the Lexical Approach // Learner participation The value of repetition Noticing // Consciousness-Raising // The importance of negative evidence // The central strategy: Pedagogical chunking // Chapter 4 The Role of LI in the Lexical Approach ...60 // Translation is inevitable // Learning L2 is not identical to
learning LI // Translation and lexis // Translation and collocation // The value of translation // Interference can be helpful // LI awareness as a resource // Chapter 5 Organising lexis...67 // Principles // Notebooks // Formats // Chapter 6 Exercises in the Lexical Approach ...86 // Exercises designed on lexical principles Basic Exercise Types Sample Exercises // Chapter 7 Adapting Activities in the Lexical Approach ...108 // Adapting activities to provide a lexical focus Sample activities // Chapter 8 Classroom reports...143 // Report 1: Introducing Collocation - Cherry Gough // Report 2: Developing Awareness of a de-lexicalised verb - Ron Martinez // Report 3: Sound Scripting - Mark Powell // Report 4: Pronunciation in the Lexical Approach - Jonathan Marks Report 5: Using Literature - George Woolard Report 6: Lexical Notebooks - Heinz Ribisch // 6 // Contents // Chapter 9 Language Content... 177 // Language areas deserving more attention Modality Vague language Poly word phrases Discourse-organising language Complex noun phrases Event-reporting verbs // Events described in double-clause sentences Responding and initiating Lexical patterns // Real English and the Classroom // Possible and probable English Models and Targets Is there a core lexicon? // Lexical balance // Prototypicality // The Existential Paradigm // Chapter 10 Teachers and Teacher Training...192 // Background // The nature of the subject // Teachers need confidence with real English, not just EEL Teachers’
attitude to novel or unknown language Ability to simplify their own speech Methodology based on a realistic timetable Holistic approach Lexis in Teacher training Deep understanding of the arbitrariness of the sign Memory load // Confidence with pedagogical chunking Choosing text-types Lexical principles and texts Implementing change for serving teachers Familiarity with modem dictionaries What would a lexical lesson be like? // Some central ideas // Some challenges to serving teachers // Chapter 11 What next?...208 // Lexis in dictionaries Lexis and grammar The importance of spoken language Lexis, grammar and phonology The Integrated Approach // Glossary .., Bibliography // 215 // 221

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