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1st ed.
Oxford : Oxford University, 2000
144 s. : il. ; 28 cm

ISBN 0-19-436670-7 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, fotografie, tabulky
Angličtina - učebnice
CONTENTS // LANGUAGE INPUT // // 1 Getting to know you p6 Tenses Present, past, future p6-8 Questions Where were you born? p6-8 What do you do? Questions words Who ... ?, Why... ?, How much ... ? p7 Using a bilingual dictionary p9 Parts of speech adjective, preposition p9 Words with more than one meaning a book to read 1 booked a table. p9 Social expressions 1 Have a good weekend! Same to you. pl3 // 2 The way we live pl4 Present tenses Present Simple Most people live in the south, p 14 Present Continuous What’s he doing at the moment? pl6 have/have got We have a population of... p 15 Have you got a mobile phone? p 16 Describing countries a beautiful country the coast This country exports wool. pl4 Collocation Daily life listen to music talk to my friends pl7 Making conversation Asking questions Showing that you’re interested p21 // 3 It all went wrong P22 Past tenses Past Simple He heard a noise. What did you do last night? p23 Past Continuous A car was waiting. p24 Irregular verbs saw, went, told p23 Making connections break/mend, lose/find p23 Nouns, verbs, and adjectives Suffixes to make different parts of speech discuss, discussion p28 Making negatives pack, unpack p28 Time expressions the eighth of January at six o’clock on Saturday in 1995 p29 // 4 Let’s go shopping! p30 Quantity much and many How much butter? How many eggs? p30 some and any some apples, any grapes p31 something, anyone, nobody, everywhere p32 a few, a little, a lot of p31 Articles a shopkeeper, an
old shop, the River Thames He sells bread. p33 Buying things milk, eggs, bread, a packet of crisps, a can of Coke, shampoo, soap, jumpers, department store, antique shop, newsagent, trainers, a tie, conditioner, first class stamps Prices and shopping £1.99 $160 What’s the exchange rate? How much is a pair of jeans? p37 // // 5 What do you want to do? p38 Verb patterns 1 want/hope to do, enjoy/like doing looking forward to doing, ’d like to do p38 Future intentions going to and will She’s going to travel the world. I’ll pick it up for you. p40 Hot verbs have, go, come have an accident go wrong come first p44 How do you feel? nervous, fed up Cheer up! p45 // 6 Tell me! What’s it like? p46 What’s it like? What’s Paris like? p46 Comparative and superlative adjectives big, bigger, biggest good, better, best p48 Talking about towns modern buildings, night-life p47 Money make money, inherit p50 Synonyms and antonyms lovely, beautiful, interested, bored p52 Directions farm, wood, pond opposite the car park over the bridge p53 // 7 Famous couples p54 Present Perfect and Past Simple She has written 20 novels. He wrote 47 novels. p54 for and since for three years since 1985 p56 Tense revision Where do you live? How long have you lived there? Why did you move? p56 Past participles lived, written p54 Bands and music guitar, keyboards make a record p57 Adverbs slowly, carefully, just, still, too p60 Word pairs this and that ladies and gentlemen p60 Short answers Do you like cooking?
Yes, I do. No, I don’t. p61

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