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1st ed.
Oxford : Oxford University, 2002
142 s. : il. ; 28 cm

ISBN 0-19-437631-1 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, barevné fotografie
Angličtina - učebnice
CONTENTS // UNIT //  II Hello! // J» p6 // GRAMMAR // am/are/is my/your I’m Sandra. // My name’s Hiro. // What’s your name? p6 This is... // This is John Mason. p7 How are you? p8 // á Your world pi2 // am/are/is // he/she/they - his/her What’s his name? // Where’s she from? pl3 They are in New York, p 16 Questions // where, what pl3 // $ Personal information // pl 8 // Stop and check 1 Teacher’s Book pl30 // lb 4 Family and friends // p24 // am/are/is // Negatives, questions, and short answers // She isn’t a nurse, p 18 // I’m not from England. p20 // We aren’t married. p22 // Are you from the United States? p20 // Yes, she is./No, she isn’t, p 19 // Possessive adjectives our, their p24 Possessive ’s Sally’s husband Kirsty’s school p24 has/have // Tom has a very good job. I have a small farm. p27 Questions and answers how old, who p28 // Ѣ It’s my life! // p32 // Present Simple I/you/they // I like tennis. p33 I don’t speak Spanish. p34 Where do you live? p35 a and an a flat // an actor p34 // lb K Every day // p40 // Stop and check 2 Teacher’s Book pl33 // ’■K 7/ Places I like // p48 // The time // It’s nine o’clock. // It’s two thirty. p40 Present Simple he/she/it // He gets up at six. p42 She lives in the country. p44 Questions and negatives // What time does he get up? p43 She doesn’t work in an office. p44 // Object pronouns // it, them p48 I love them! p49 this/that // What’s that? p50 this jacket p55 Questions and answers
how, what, who, where, why, how much, when, how many, because p51 // VOCABULARY // SKILLS WORK // EVERYDAY ENGLISH // What’s this in English? // It’s a book. // Everyday things book, computer, car plO // Numbers 1-10 Plural nouns // cars, books, houses pll // Countries Reading and listening Numbers 11-30 pi 7 // Australia, France pi2 Where are they from? p 16 // Cities Milan, Tokyo pH // Jobs Reading and speaking Social expressions // police officer, doctor p 18 A pop group p22 Good afternoon. // Personal information Goodbye, // address, age, married pl9 Pardon? // Thank you. p23 // The family // daughter, parents p25 Adjective + noun a small farm a good job p27 Describing a friend best friend really funny his favourite music p28 // Reading and writing // My best friend p28 // The alphabet // How do you spell... ? p30 On the phone // Good morning. The Grand Hotel. Thank you for telephoning. p31 // Sports, food, drinks Listening and speaking Numbers and prices // tennis, hamburgers, tea p32 At a party p38 one pound sixty // Verbs 30p // come, live, work, eat, speak p34 How much ... ? p39 // Languages and nationalities Japanese, French p36 // Verbs // get up, go to work, have lunch p41 Adverbs of frequency // usually, sometimes, never p42 Words that go together watch TV listen to music p46 // Vocabulary and speaking Words that go together get up early have a shower p46 Lifestyle questionnaire p46 // Days of the week // Monday, Tuesday p47 Prepositions of time at nine o’clock
on Monday in the morning p47 // Opposite adjectives Reading and writing Can I...? // new-old A postcard from Dublin p53 Can I have a sandwich? // expensive- cheap p52 Can I try on this jumper, please? p54 // Adjective + noun Irish music old buildings p53 Adjectives // nice, old, comfortable p53 // 3 // //  11 Where I live p56 There is/are, any There’s a CD player. There are two lamps. Are there any photographs? p57 Prepositions in, on, under, next to p58 //  * Happy birthday! „« Saying years 1841 2008 p64 was/were born When were you born? I was born in 1986. p65 Past Simple - irregular verbs went, bought, took p68 // Past Simple - regular and irregular // She cooked a meal. // I got up late. p72 Questions and negatives What did you do? // I didn’t do much. p73 Short answers Yes, he did. // No, I didn’t. p73 // // ’K і We can do it! », can/can’t He can use a computer. p80 I can’t speak Spanish. p81 Requests and offers Can you tell me the time? Can I help you? p83 // // Ü. Thank you very much! P,„ want, like, and would like He wants a stamp. p88 I’d like a cup of coffee. I’d like to buy a dictionary. p89 I like coffee. p91 // // Is Here and now P% Present Simple and Present Continuous He has lunch at 1.00. He’s wearing a T-shirt. p97 Questions and negatives What’s she doing? He isn’t working. p98 // //  V It’s time to go! рKK Question words revision Present Continuous for future We’re going on holiday. Where are you staying? pi 05 Revision of
tenses - present, past, and future // // // Tapescripts pi 12 Grammar Reference pi2i Word list Pm // K K We had a good time! p72 // 4

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