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1st ed.
Oxford : Oxford University, 2000
143 s. : il. ; 28 cm

ISBN 0-19436677-4
ISBN 0-19-436677-4 (brož.)
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Angličtina - učebnice
CONTENTS // // 1 Hello everybody! p6 Verb to be amlislare I’m from Germany. He’s a doctor. p6, p9 Possessive adjectives my, your, his, her p6, p7 Countries Mexico, Japan p7, p8 Using a bilingual dictionary plO Everyday objects a key, a newspaper plO Plural nouns bags, apples plO // 2 Meeting people p!2 Verb to be Questions and negatives What’s her first name? p 12 She isn’t married, p 13 Negatives and short answers No, she isn’t. pl2 Possessive ’s Patrick’s daughter pl4 The family mother, uncle pi4-15 Opposite adjectives old-young pl6 Food and drink hamburger and chips tea, coffee pl8 // 3 The world of work p20 Present Simple 1 helshe/it p20 He works 16 hours a day. p20 Questions and negatives Does he speak French? No, he doesn’t. p22 Verbs help, make, serve p24 Jobs A pilot flies planes. p26 // 4 Take it easy! p28 Present Simple 2 K/you/ we1 they 1 go to the gym. We don’t go out on Friday evenings. Why do you like your job? p29 Verbs relax, eat out, start p29 Leisure activities dancing, skiing p34 // // 5 Where do you live? p36 There is/are There’s a book on the table. p36 How many... ? How many books are there? p36 Prepositions of place in front of the fire p36 some and any There are some cups. There aren’t any plates. p38 this, that, these, those This is the kitchen. What’s in these cupboards? p38 Rooms living room, kitchen p36 Household goods armchair, lamp cupboard, washing machine p36 What’s in your bag? letter, bus ticket, mobile phone p39 Parts of
a plane cockpit, steps p40 Places cinema, pub p43 // 6 Can you speak English? p44 can/can’t I can ski really well. She can’t speak Japanese. p44 was/were Where were you last night? p46 could I could swim when 1 was five. p46 was born He was born in London. p47 Countries and languages Italy, Italian p44 Verbs translate, check, laugh p45 Words that sound the same I, eye; no, know p50 // 7 Then and now Past Simple (1) Verbs // p52 Regular verbs earn, marry, die p53 // She started work when she was eight. p52 Verbs // Irregular verbs begin, leave, become p54 // He left school in 1994. p54 Spelling and silent letters // Time expressions bomb, listen p58 // last night // yesterday morning p55 // 2 // // Reading and writing Introducing yourself p9 Listening and speaking The alphabet song plO L Hello and goodbye Telephone numbers pll How are you? See you this evening! pi 1 // Reading and listening A letter from America pl6 In a café Prices pi8 Can I have ... ? How much is it? p 19 // Reading Seumas McSporran - the man with thirteen jobs p24 Listening and speaking Seumus’s day p25 What time is it? It’s quarter past five. It’s about six o’clock. p27 Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives I, me, my WB p20 Rewriting a text WB p20 // Speaking A questionnaire - how do you live? p30 Reading and listening Three people talk about their favourite season p32 Speaking What’s your favourite season? p33 Leisure activities p34 Social expressions I’m sorry. Excuse me? Pardon? p35
An informal letter A letter to a penfriend WB p25 // // Speaking and listening What are the differences between the two pictures? p37 Reading and speaking At home on a plane p40 Listening and speaking Homes around the world p42 Directions 1 Is there a post office near here? Yes, it’s over there. p43 Linking words and, so, but, because WB p31 Describing where you live WB p31 // Speaking Questionnaire - what can you do? p45 Reading and speaking Super Kids p48 On the phone Directory Enquiries p50 Can I speak to Jo, please? I’ll just get her. p51 Formal letters 1 A letter of application for a job WB p36 // Speaking // What did yon do at the end of the 20th century? p54 When did it happen? p55 Reading and speaking // Two famous firsts: // George Washington and Margaret Thatcher p56 // Special occasions Thanksgiving Happy birthday! p58 // Writing a paragraph describing a holiday WB p40 // 3 // Unit // Grammar // Vocabulary // 8 How long ago? p60 Past Simple (2) Negatives and ago People didn’t watch TV a hundred years ago. pól Time expressions in 1994, on Saturday, at seven o’clock p63 Which word is different? apple, chicken, banana p63 Phonetic symbols /‘resapi/ p63 Relationships fall in love, get engaged p64 // // 9 Food you like! p66 Count and uncount nouns apples, apple juice p66 Do you like ... ?/Would you like ... ? Do you like beer? Would you like some now? p67 a and some a cake, some cake p68 much and many There isn’t much milk. There aren’t many eggs. p69 Food and
drink yoghurt, chips beer, apple juice p66 chopsticks p71 Shops and shopping a book of stamps some milk p69 // 10 Bigger and better! p74 Comparatives and superlatives The country is cheaper than the city. p74 Claridge’s is the most expensive hotel. p76 have got London’s got a lot of parks. I haven’t got much money. p75 City and country adjectives dirty, noisy exciting, safe p74 City and country nouns wood, museum p80 // 11 Looking good! p82 Present Continuous I’m wearing jeans. Who is smiling? p82 Whose is it? Whose is the bike? p84 Possessive pronouns mine, yours, hers p84 Clothes hat, coat, shirt p82 Describing people fair hair, blue eyes p82 Words that rhyme red, said; laugh, half p88 Phonetic symbols vowels and diphthongs p88 Tongue twisters p88 // 12 Life’s an adventure p90 going to I’m going to be a ballet dancer. p90 Infinitive of purpose I’m going to Holland to see the tulips. p92 Verbs sneeze, jump, fall p92 The weather sunny, cloudy What’s the weather like? p96 // // 13 How terribly clever! p98 Question forms Why ... ? How many ... ? How much ... ? Which ...? p98 Adverbs and adjectives quick, quickly, good, well pi00 Describing feelings bored, worried 101 // 14 Have you ever? pl06 Present Perfect ever and never Have you ever been to Paris? I’ve never been to Australia. pl06 yet and just We haven’t been there yet. They’ve just had a boat ride. pl09 Present Perfect and Past Simple Maria’s been to Berlin. She went there two years ago. pl07 Past participles
cooked, eaten, made pi07 At the airport departure lounge checkin pi 13 // // Tapescripts pi 14 Grammar Reference pl24 Word list pl35 // 4 // Skills work // Reading and listening // Three inventors p62 Speaking Incredible information p62 Listening and speaking How did you two meet? p64 // Everyday English // What’s the date? the fourth of July p65 // Writing (in the Workbook) // Linking words // because, when, until WB p47 Describing an old friend WB p47 // Listening and speaking // My favourite food p72 Reading and speaking // Food around the world Meals in your country p70 // Polite requests // Could you pass the salt? Could I have a glass of water? Can you give me the recipe? Can I see the menu? p73 // Formal letters 2 // A letter to a hotel WB p53 // Speaking // I’ve got more than you! p76 Reading and speaking // Three musical cities - // New Orleans, Vienna, Liverpool // Talking about your town p78 // Directions 2 out of the garage over the bridge p81 // Linking words // which, where WB p58 Writing about your capital city WB p58 // Listening and speaking // Who’s at the party? p84 A song - What a wonderful world! // In a clothes shop // What colour are you looking for? Can I try it on? p89 // Linking words // although, but WB p64 Describing people WB p64 // Reading and speaking Making suggestions Writing a postcard WB p70 // Dangerous sports What shall we do today? // Interviews with people who do dangerous Let’s go to the beach! p97 // sports p94 // // Speaking and
listening Catching a train Adverbs // Noises in the night pi00 A return ticket, please, pi05 happy, happily WB p75 // Reading and listening Writing a story // A story in a story Once upon a time WB p75 // The tale of horribly good Bertha pi04 // Speaking At the airport A thank-you letter WB p80 // Things you have done pl06 check in your luggage // Reading and speaking go to gate 4 p 113 // How to live to be 100 pi 10 Listening A song - Leaving on a jet plane pi 12 // Appendix 1 - irregular verbs pi42 Appendix 2 - verb patterns pi42 Phonetic symbols pi43 // 5

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