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Oxford : Oxford University, 1999
viii,599 s.,32 s.příl. : il.

ISBN 0-19-431332-8 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, barevné i černobílé fotografie, mapky, úvod
Kultura - reálie anglo-americké - slovníky encyklopedické
Contents // Advisory Board and Foreword vi Key to entries vii Acknowledgements viii // The Guide 1-599 // Articles and lists (at or near their alphabetical positions) // Accent and dialect Act of Parliament Agriculture and fishing American English American Revolution Animals // Armed forces in Britain Armed forces in the US Arthurian legend Babies // Banks and banking Baseball British Empire British English Celts and Celtic culture Character and characteristics: a humorous look at stereotypes Charities Children // Church of England Churches and cathedrals Civil War Class // Clubs and societies Colours // Commonwealth // Constitution // Cricket // Crime // Death and funerals Education in Britain Education in the US Elections in the US Elections to Parliament Employment English language European Union Families and family life Fashion // Federal government in the US Food // Freedom and rights Gardens and yards Gestures // Hobbies and leisure activities // Humour // Immigration // Industry // Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain Law-making in the US Legal system in Britain Legal system in the US Local government in Britain Magazines Manners Money // Multicultural Britain and the US // Native Americans // Newspapers Northern Ireland Parliament Place names // Political parties in Britain Political parties in the US Politics and politicians Presidents of the United States Prime Ministers of Great Britain // Pubs and pub names // Relationships // Religion // Roman Britain
Royal family // Schools in Britain // Schools in the US // Shakespeare // Slavery // Society // Space travel // State and local government in the US // States of the United States Superstitions // Trade unions and labor unions Universities and colleges Weddings // Weights and measures World Wars I and ?-the legacy Youth organizations // Colour pages (between pages 280 and 281) // Flags Cl // The United States of America (map) C2-3 The American land and people C4-5 Four American cities C6-7 The British Isles (map) C8-9 The British landscape C10-11 The British people C12-13 New York C14 London C15 // The h istory of the US C16-17 The history of Britain Cl 8-19 Building styles and materials C20-21 Houses in the US C22-23 Houses in Britain C24-25 Possessions C26-27 Clothes C28-29 Shops and shopping C30-31 Christmas C32 // Abbreviations, symbols and labels used in the Guide inside front cover Noun, adjective and verb types inside front cover Pronunciation and phonetic symbols inside back cover

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