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Singapore : World Scientific, 1982
2 sv.

ISBN 9971-950-38-3
ISBN 9971950391
ISBN 9971950154
ISBN 9971950146
Vol. 1 -- Vol. 2
Introduction; Review of the Standard 123 Theory; Grand Unification; SO(10); Exceptional Unification; Reality and Complexity of the World; Proton Decay; Family Problem and Orthogonal Unification; Fermion Mass Hierarchy; A Short Course in Cosmology; Genesis of Matter; Introduction to the Theory of Galaxy Formation; Neutrinos and Galaxies; Monopoles and Inflation; Hierarchy Technicolor; Supersymmetry, and Variations; Invisible Axions; Composite Quarks and Leptons; Gravity and Grand Unification; Appendix A: Instant Review of Group Theory; Appendix B: Two-Component Formalism; Selected Original Papers
We are now closer than ever to the fundamental goal of physics of understanding all physical phenomena as the inevitable consequences of few simple principles. This book is designed to bring interested students and researchers up to the point where they can contribute to this field.

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