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Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2009
viii, 231 s. : il., mapy ; 23 cm

ISBN 978-0-7425-5678-2 (brož.) ISBN !0-7425-5678-6 (chyb.)
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Current Events • Politics • Geography // GLOBALIZATION // Series Editors: Manfred B. Steger and Terrell Carver // "In this wide-ranging, erudite book, one of America’s leading political geographers has made a signal contribution to the study of sovereignty, lohn Agnew’s sustained, thought-provoking, historically rooted account of the connections between sovereignty and state territoriality challenges us to reexamine the geographical assumptions that underpin dominant conceptions of the international order. In the process, he convincingly demonstrates that we live neither in a world of discrete sovereign states nor in a globalized ’flat world’ in which sovereignty is irrelevant. This book is an absolute must read for anyone interested in international relations, comparative politics, or political geography." —Alexander B. Murphy, University of Oregon // "Exposing the ’myths’ that have obscured discussions of states and the relations between them, Agnew is able to offer a fundamental challenge to some of the more problematic diagnoses of the current global condition Through a historical and political interrogation of the limits of political power, Globalization and Sovereignty provides a powerful account of just what is, and what is not, novel about the age we live in." —Stuart Eiden, Durham University // This provocative and important text offers a new way of thinking about sovereignty, both past and present. Distinguished geographer lohn Agnew boldly challenges the
widely popular story that state sovereignty is in worldwide eclipse in the face of the overwhelming processes of globalization. In challenging this perception, Agnew first traces the ways in which it has become commonplace. He then develops a new way of thinking about the geography of effective sovereignty and the various geographical forms in which sovereignty actually operates in the world, offering an exciting intellectual framework that breaks with the either/or thinking of state sovereignty versus globalization. // John Agnew is professor of geography at the University of California. Los Angeles. // For orders and information please contact the publisher Rowman

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