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1st ed.
Praha : Linde, 2010
xvi, 248 : il. ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-80-86131-90-0 (brož.)
Na obálce pod názvem: Centrum ekonomických studií
Obsahuje bibliografie
Chapter I: Communicative and discursive nature of innovation processes conceptual approaches -- Enabling knowledge -- Nico Stehr -- The role of background knowledge in propensity to innovate: some reflections for a research agenda -- Andrea Pozzali -- The ways in which innovative practices incarnate: contribution to the formulation of local policies in science, technology and innovation -- Maria Teresa Santander Gana, Gloria Baigorrotegui B -- Chapter II: Learning capacities of innovating firms -- HRD as a resource for innovation two cases from automotive supply and textile i: Silke Geithner, Klaus-Peter Schulz -- Linking social aspects and technology in innovation processes a case study from logistics industry -- Thomas Schmieder, David Jentsch, Michael Fox -- Innovation understanding and processes of Saxon automotive suppliers a quantitative survey Michael Fox, David Jentsch -- Partnership between Bradesco and Society innovation through the social balance sheet Antonio Oscar Goes, Maria Josefina Fontes, Diogo Cotta -- Chapter III: Research and professional organisations and their impact on social dimension of innovation -- Social aspects in the governance and organizational model of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology -- Massimo G. Colombo, Lorenzo Pirelli, Evila Piva -- Unpacking European Living Labs: Analysing Innovation’s Social Dimensions -- Benoit Dutilleul, Frans A. J. Birrer, Wouter Mensink -- Expansive development through the Change Laboratory-method:
Example from Finnish Health care -- Hannele Kerosuo, Anu Kajamaa, Yrjö Engeström -- Quality Management is Ongoing Social Innovation -- Hans Werner Franz -- Chapter IV: Innovation in services social resources, current practices, regulatory consequences -- Intermediaries as innovating actors: towards a transition to a more sustainable energy system Julia Backhaus -- The role of expectations in radical system innovation: the Electronic Health Record, immoderate goal or achievable necessity? -- Wouter Mensink, Frans A. J. Birrer -- Introducing media education into school teaching. An empirical research among public school teachers in Palermo, Italy -- Gabriel la Polizzi -- Chapter V: Innovation and changing nature of work -- Dialogue as a Facilitator of Learning and Development in the National Workplace Development Programme -- Maarrit Lahtonen, Nuppu Rouhianen -- Key issues and dimensions of innovation in social services and social work Anne Parpan-Blaser, Matthias Hüttemann -- The emerging phenomenon of co working. A redefinition of job market in networking society Carlotta Bizzarri -- Chapter VI: Sectoral and regional dimensions of social innovation -- Dynamics in innovation system(s): networks and learning during the rise of the lithographic equipment manufacturing sector in the Netherlands Shahzad A. Khan, Jaco Quist, Karel F. Mulder -- South Moravia on the road to a knowledge region. Does technological innovation exists that is non-social? -- Jiří Loudin -- EU-27 Long-run
Trends in Exports and Imports of Commercial Services in the Global Economy: Identification of the Early Warning Signals of the Poor Results of European Business Service STI Activity? -- Jari Kaivo-Oja, Valtteri Kaartemo

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