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1st pub.
London : Sage, 2004
vii, 253 s. : mapy ; 23 cm

ISBN 0-7619-4734-5 (brož.)
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“This volume successfully exposes the ‘ghostly presence’ of democracy in geography and shows the value of thinking about democracy geographically. It is a major contribution to serious examination of a normative political issue from a geographical perspective.” // John Agnew, University of California, Los Angeles // n an unprecedented way, democracy is now increasingly seen as the universal model of legitimate rule. In this book leading academics investigate the key question: How can democracy be understood in theory and in practice? // In three thematically organized sections, Spaces of Democracy uses a critical geographical imagination (informed by thinking on space, place and scale) to interrogate the latest in democratic theory. Key concepts discussed include globalization and transnationalism; representation; citizenship; liberalism; the city and public space; and the media. // Historical, comparative and animated by wider debates on globalization, this book will assist the critical discussion of core issues of citizenship, the state, and democracy. // Spaces of Democracy \W be required reading in human geography, political science/international relations, and political sociology. // Clive Barnett is Lecturer in Human Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, UK. // Murray Low is Lecturer in Human Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. // Cover design: keenan // (S)SAGE Publications
// London • Thousand Oaks • New Delhi // ISBN 0-7619-4734- // 78 // 761 // 94734? // www.sagepublications.com // 9 // Contents // List of Contributors vii // Acknowledgements ix // 1 Geography and Democracy: An Introduction 1 // Clive Barnett and Murray Low // Elections, Voting and Representation 23 // 2 Global Democratization: Measuring and Explaining // the Diffusion of Democracy 23 // John Oloughlin // 3 Electoral Geography in Electoral Studies: Putting // Voters in Their Place 45 // Ron Johnston and Charles Pattie // 4 Representation, Law and Redistricting // in the United States 67 // Richard L. Morrill // Democracy, Citizenship and Scale 93 // 5 Citizens and the State: Citizenship Formations in // Space and Time 93 // Sallie A. Marston and Katharyne Mitchell // 6 Open Borders and Free Population Movement: // A Challenge for Liberalism 113 // David M. Smith // Vi CONTENTS // 7 Cities as Spaces of Democracy: Complexity, // Scale and Governance 128 // Murray Low // Making Democratic Spaces u? // 8 Spaces of Public and Private: Locating Politics 147 // Lynn A. Staeheli and Don Mitchell // 9 The Geopolitics of Democracy // and Citizenship in Latin America 161 // Gareth A. Jones // 10 Media, Democracy and Representation: // Disembodying the Public 185 // Clive Barnett // 11 Cultures of Democracy: Spaces of Democratic // Possibility 207 // Sophie Watson // 12 Spaces of Mobilization: Transnational Social // Movements 223 // Byron Miller // Index // 247

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