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1st pub.
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009
xi, 204 s. : il. ; 22 cm

ISBN 978-1-4438-1308-2 (váz.)
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Table of Contents // List of Tables...vii // List of Abbreviations...viii // Introduction...ix // Part One - Spoken Discourse Chapter One - Impromptu Discourse The Pragmatic Marker Well: A Text Study // Karin Aijmer...4 // Dialogic Fluency: On the Development of (Co)-Fluency in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) Interactions // Julia Hüttner...30 // Chapter Two - Academic Spoken Discourse // Participial Adverbials in Academic Lectures: “What Do You End Up Getting?” // Markéta Malá...46 // Exploring Interactive Discourse Markers in Academic Spoken Discourse Renata Povolná...60 // Chapter Three - Political Discourse // On Axiological Proximization // Piotr Cap...82 // Building Up Discourse Coherence: Creating Identities in Political Speeches // Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova...97 // VI // Table of Contenis // Part Two-Written Discourse Chapter Four - Media Discourse // “Call Doc Singh!": Textual Structure and Coherence in Live Text Sports Commentaries // Jan Chovanec...124 // Between Writing and Orality: On Coherence and Cohesion in Women Lifestyle Magazines // Renata Tomášková...138 // Chapter Five - Academic Written Discourse // Cohesion and Coherence in Written Texts for Professional and Academic Purposes // Milena Krhutová...154 // Discourse Approaches to Specialised and Popular Academic English: Analysing Adverbial Clause Connections // Josef Schmied...167 // Chapter Six - Fictional Discourse // Pragmatic Dimensions in Literary Text: A Comparative Perspective Gabriela
Miššfková...184 // Contributors...200 // Index...202

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