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Milan : Springer, c2013
1 online zdroj (xxi, 324 s.) : il. (některé barev.)
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ISBN 8847026644 (ebook)
ISBN 9788847026643 (ebook)
ISBN !8847026636 (chyb.)
ISBN !9788847026636 (chyb.)
Updates in surgery, ISSN 2280-9848
Tištěná verze: Minimally invasive surgery of the liver. Milan : Springer, c2013 ISBN 9788847026636
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Minimally Invasive Surgery in Cirrhotic Patients / Giulio Belli, Paolo Limongelli, Andrea Belli, Gianluca Russo, Alberto D’Agostino -- Reoperative Laparoscopic Hepatectomy / Joseph F. Buell, Alan Koffron, Bjørn Edwin, Robert Cannon, Brice Gayet -- Treating the Resected Surface / Vincenzo Scuderi, Antonio Ceriello, Giuseppe Surfaro, Gianpaolo Marte, Fulvio Calise -- Specimen Extraction / Alberto Patriti, Graziano Ceccarelli, Raffaele Bellochi, Luciano Casciola -- Short- and Long-Term Follow-Up / Antonio Giuliani, Carla Migliaccio, Giuseppe Surfaro, Antonio Ceriello, Maurizio Defez -- Surgery: Techniques -- Portal Vein Ligation / Giuseppe Aragiusto, Antonio Ceriello, Antonio Giuliani, Carla Migliaccio, Fulvio Calise -- Tumorectomy / Alberto Patriti, Giorgio Ercolani, Luciano Casciola, Antonio Daniele Pinna -- Segmentectomies: A Foreword / Fulvio Calise --
Right Hepatectomy: Laparoscopic Approach / Michael D. Kluger, Daniel Cherqui -- Right Hepatectomy: Robot-Assisted Approach / David Calatayud, Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti -- Left Hepatectomy: Laparoscopic Approach / Fulvio Calise, Piero Atelli, Antonio Giuliani, Vincenzo Scuderi, Aldo Rocca -- Left Hepatectomy: Robot-Assisted Approach / Ugo Boggi, Stefano Signori, Fabio Caniglia, Mario Belluomini, Carla Cappelli -- Left Sectionectomy for Living Donor: Laparoscopic Approach / Marco Spada, Ugo Boggi, Calogero Ricotta, Duilio Pagano, Salvatore Gruttadauria -- Complications / Antonio Giuliani, Francesco Sicoli, Walter Santaniello, Giangiacomo Nunzio Monti -- The Italian Experience in Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Liver: A National Survey / Luca Aldrighetti, Federica Cipriani, Francesca Ratti, Luciano Casciola, Fulvio Calise -- Perspectives: Where Shall We Be 20 Years from Now? / Antonio Giuliani, Alberto Patriti
The Louisville Consensus Conference: Conclusions and Perspectives / Giulio Belli, Luigi Cioffi, Andrea Belli, Corrado Fantini -- Indications to Surgery: Laparoscopic or Robotic Approach / Luciano Casciola, Alberto Patriti -- Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Allied Technologies / Roberto Santambrogio, Enrico Opocher -- Surgery: General Aspects -- Intraoperative Ultrasound / Alessandro Ferrero, Luca Viganò, Roberto Lo Tesoriere, Nadia Russolillo -- A New Anatomical Vision: Liver Surgery on the Screen / Fulvio Calise, Giuseppe Surfaro, Antonio Giuliani, Carla Migliaccio, Antonio Ceriello -- Encircling the Pedicle for the Pringle Maneuver / Vincenzo Scuderi, Antonio Ceriello, Giuseppe Aragiusto, Antonio Giuliani, Fulvio Calise -- Minimally Invasive Combined Surgery: Liver and Colon-Rectum / Mario Morino, Federico Famiglietti -- Minimally Invasive Procedures for Liver Trauma / Graziano Ceccarelli, Raffaella Niola, Alberto Patriti, Fulvio Calise, Luciano Casciola --
The treatment of liver diseases comprises a significant component of the practice of any general surgeon, whether working in an academic, a general, or a community hospital. With the rapid expansion in knowledge and technology, the liver has also been approached laparoscopically in specialized centers, with well-recognized advantages for patients. This book aims to communicate the large body of experience that has now been accumulated in minimally invasive liver surgery, with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the newest techniques. After a concise description of the main tools and technology necessary to carry out safe laparoscopic and/or robot-assisted liver surgery, individual operative techniques are explained and illustrated. Each chapter includes introductory information, a summary of indications and contraindications, and a detailed description of surgical procedure, including potential complications of both the surgery and the postoperative care. Special efforts have been taken to ensure that the illustrations are accurate and informative. The text is supplemented by a DVD of different procedures as performed by leading European liver surgeons.
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