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Sebastopol : O’Reilly Media, Inc., 2008
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ISBN 0596153538 (ebook)
ISBN 1449362206 (ebook)
ISBN 9780596153533 (ebook)
ISBN 9781449362201 (ebook)
Tištěná verze: Steward, Sid PDF Hacks : 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools Sebastopol : O’Reilly Media, Inc., c2008 ISBN 9780596006556
Authoring a Smart Source Document
Credits; About the Author; Contributors; Acknowledgments; Preface; Why PDF Hacks?; How to Use This Book; A Note on Software; Using Code Examples; How This Book Is Organized; Conventions Used in This Book; How to Contact Us; Got a Hack?; Consuming PDF; Read PDFs with the Adobe Reader; Read PDFs with Mac OS X’s Preview; Read PDFs with Ghostscript’s GSview; Speed Up Acrobat Startup; Unplugging Plug-Ins; Which Plug-Ins Do What?; Manage Acrobat Plug-Ins with Profiles on?Windows; Open PDF Files Your Way on Windows; Add an "Open with Acrobat Profile?.?.?.?" Option to PDF Context Menus
Add an "Open in Browser" Option to PDF Context MenusOpen Online PDFs Using Reader, Even When You Have Full Acrobat; Copy Data from PDF Pages; Adobe Reader 5 and 6; Acrobat 5; Acrobat 6; Selecting Text from Scanned Pages; Convert PDF Documents to Word; Save As?.?.?.? DOC, RTF, HTML; The Human Touch; Scrape the Clipboard into a New Document with?AutoPasteLoop; Running AutoPasteLoop; Hacking AutoPasteLoop; Browse One PDF in Multiple Windows; Read PDF with Your Web Browser; Open a New PDF View from Acrobat or Reader; Configure Mozilla; The Code; Running the Hack
Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in?Acrobat or ReaderAcrobat/Reader Full-Screen Slideshow; JavaScript Page Turner; Running the Hack; Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in?Mac OS X Preview; Unpack PDF Attachments (Even Without?Acrobat); Unpack Attachments with Acrobat or Reader; Unpack Attachments with pdftk; Hacking the Hack; Jump to the Next or Previous Heading; Navigate and Manipulate PDF Using Page Thumbnails; Tune the Thumbnail View; Print, Modify, Move, or Copy Selected Pages; Managing a Collection; Bookmark PDF Pages in Reader; Bookmark JavaScript for Acrobat and Reader
Running the HackCreate Windows Shortcuts to Online PDF Pages with Acrobat; Create Windows Shortcuts to Local PDF Pages; Configure the Shell to Open PDF to a Given Page; Acrobat Shortcuts Plug-In; Hacking the Hack; Turn PDF Bookmarks into Windows Shortcuts; Generate Document Keywords; How the kw_catcher Keyword Generator Works; Stopwords, noise, and signal; Identifying local topics; Installing and Using pdftotext; Installing and Using kw_catcher; Index and Search Local PDF Collections on?Windows; Search PDF with Adobe Reader; Index and Search PDF with Windows XP and 2000
Windows Indexing Service: Installation, Configuration, and?DocumentationPrepare to Install PDF IFilter 5.0; Install and Troubleshoot Adobe PDF IFilter 5.0; PDF IFilter doesn’t work with XP Indexing Service--workaround; Using Start Search For Files and Folders; Searching PDF Using Windows 98 and NT System Tools; Spinning Document Portals; Tool Up; Open the Portal; Search the PDF’s Full Text; Spinning Collection Portals; Tool Up; Running pdfdir.php; Hacking the Hack; Identify Related PDFs; Authoring and Self-Publishing: Hacking Outside the PDF; Keep Your Source Smart
PDF--to most of the world it stands for that rather tiresome format used for documents downloaded from the web. Slow to load and slower to print, hopelessly unsearchable, and all but impossible to cut and paste from, the Portable Document Format doesn’t inspire much affection in the average user. But PDFs done right is another story. Those who know the ins and outs of this format know that it can be much more than electronic paper. Flexible, compact, interactive, and even searchable, PDF is the ideal way to present content across multiple platforms. PDF Hacks unveils the true promise of Port.
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