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1st ed.
Prague : Academy of Performing Arts : Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences : International Council for Traditional Music, Study Group on Ethnochoreology, 2012
311 s. : il. (převážně barev.), mapy, portréty, noty ; 23 cm

ISBN 978-80-87112-64-9 (Etnologiocký ústav AV ČR ; brož.)
ISBN 978-80-7331-236-7 (Akademie múzických umění ; brož.)
Contemporizing traditional dance
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Introduction 8 // Photos: Staging folk dance in post-war history 10 // Symposium program 12 // THEME ONE - DANCE, GENDER, AND MEANINGS // ANN R. DAVID (United Kingdom: Gendered orientalism? Gazing on the male South Asian dancer 21 // GONCA GIRGIN TOHUMCU (Turkey): Comment on social learning theory of Bandura: gender roles of the Romani dance in Sulukule 29 // MATS MELIN (Ireland): Gendered movements in Cape Breton step dancing 37 // MOHD ANIS MD NOR (Malaysia): Dancing women performing men: reiterating gender in Makyong’s dance of Menghadap Rebab 48 // ELINA SEYE (Finland): Constructions of femininity in sabar performances 55 // STEPHANIE SMITH and JENNIFER BEER (United States): Erasing gender in English country dance 62 // YOLANDA van EDE (Netherlands): Sounding moves: flamenco, gender, and meaning in Tokyo 73 // THEME TWO - CONTEMPORIZING TRADITIONAL DANCE // GÜRBÜZ AKTAŞ (Turkey): Azerbaijani folkdance from Gobustan caves to proscenium stage // ELSIE IVÁNCÍCH DUNIN (United States/Croatia): Performing localfolklor (dances): lindjo in Croatia and čoček in Macedonia, two case studies // ANCA GIURCHESCU (Denmark/Romania): A disputed issue: contemporizing (safeguarding) the ritual сKіщ (Romania) // NICK GREEN (United Kingdom): Dance practices in Banat: ‘contra-timp’ from the Banat mountain villages in the urban context //
DANIELA IVANOVA-NYBERG (Bulgaria/UnitedStates): Shopska syuita forever? Bulgarian folk stage repertoire in the U.S.A. today // ADRIENNE L. KAEPPLER (United States): Playing with fire: contemporizing Pele, the volcano goddess // BELMA KURTIŞOGLU (Turkey): Performing rijetko to be a Bosniak // LIZ MELLISH (United Kingdom): Choreographic networks and dance styling in the Banat region of southwest Romania // MATS NILSSON (Sweden): Contemporizing traditional dance? // JUDITH OLSON (United States): Hungarian dance performance in New York/New Jersey 1958-present: changing ideas of authentic dance presentation and choreographic approach // MEHMET ÖCAL ÖZBILGIN (Turkey): Staging traditional dances under the socio-political opinion of early Turkish Republican era // MIRIAM PHILLIPS (United States): D’mba lost and found: the discovery, destruction, construction and reconstruction of Baga masked dance in traditional villages of Guinea, West Africa // NANCY LEE RUYTER (United States): Views of “authenticity” in writings about staged productions of traditional dance // HELENA SAARIKOSKI (Finland): How do values find embodiment? The Finnish case of popular dances on pavilion floors // JIAYING YOU (China/Canada): Preservation and innovation in Mongolian dance in China // PANEL - CONTEMPORIZING IRISH TRADITIONAL STEP DANCE // ORFHLAITH M. NÍ BHRIAIN (Ireland): Contemporizing traditional step dance in Ireland: the impact of competition culture on contemporary Irish step dance //
CATHERINE E. FOLEY (Ireland): Contemporizing Irish step dance within a university context BREANDÁN DE GALLAÍ (Ireland): A choreographic investigation of the boundaries of Irish dance: finding a new voice for Irish traditional dance post Riverdancc // PANEL - STAGE PRODUCTION OF THE CZECH TRADITIONAL DANCE AND MUSIC: HERITAGE, CHANGES AND AUTHENTICITY // DOROTA GREMLICOVÁ (Czech Republic): Traditional dance as a phenomenon inside the Czech modernism // DANIELA STAVĚLOVÁ (Czech Republic): Traditional dancing on the stage: seeking authenticity // ZDENĚK VEJVODA (Czech Republic): Musician and audience: stage production and reception of Czech traditional music // PANEL - HERITAGIZATION OF LATIN AMERICAN DANCES WITHIN UNESCO’S PROGRAM FOR SAFEGUARDING INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE 263 // JÖRGEN TORP (Germany): Tango and other Argentinian dances as intangible cultural heritage 265 // EGIL BAKKA (Norway): Rise and fall of dances 274 // GEDIMINAS KAROBLIS (Lithuania): Latin American dances: compensating modernisation effects? 281 // ABSTRACTS 289 // Theme 1 // Chi-Fang Chao (Taiwan), Fahriye Dinner (Turkey), // Irene Loutzaki (Greece), Carmel McKenna (Ireland), // Panel 1: Kristin Harris Walsh (Canada), // Panel 2: Premalatha Thiagarajan (Malaysia) 290 // Theme 2 // Andrea Conger (Ireland), László Felföldi (Hungary), // Georgiana Gore (France), Maria I. Koutsouba (Greece), // Andriy Nahachcwsky (Canada), Kendra Stepputat (Austria) 295 // Student presentation: Kateřina Černíčková (Czech Republic) 299 // The Contributors 300 // APPENDICES

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