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New York : Theatre Communications Group, 1985
xiv, 197 stran ; 22 cm

ISBN 0-930452-49-6 (brožováno) ISBN !978-0-930452-49-0 (chyb.)
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CONTENTS // Foreword // 1. Aristotle’s Coercive System of Tragedy Introduction Art Imitates Nature What is the Meaning of "Imitation”? // What, then, is the Purpose of Art and Science? // Major Arts and Minor Arts What does Tragedy Imitate? // What is Happiness? // And What is Virtue? // Necessary Characteristics of Virtue The Degrees of Virtue What is Justice? // In What Sense can Theater Function as an Instrument for Purification and Intimidation? // The Ultimate Aim of Tragedy // A Short Glossary of Simple Words // How Aristotle’s Coercive System of Tragedy Functions // Different Types of Conflict: Hamartia and Social Ethos // Conclusion // Notes // 2. Machiavelli and the Poetics of Virtů // The Feudal Abstraction The Bourgeois Concretion Machiavelli and Mandragola Modem Reductions of Virtů Notes // 3. Hegel and Brecht: The Character as Subject or the // Character as Object? // The “Epic” Concept Types of Poetry in Hegel Characteristics of Dramatic Poetry, // Still According to Hegel Freedom of the Character-Subject A Word Poorly Chosen // Does Thought Determine Being (or Vice Versa)? Can Man be Changed? // Conflict of Wills or Contradiction of Needs? Empathy or What? Emotion or Reason? // Catharsis and Repose, or Knowledge and Action? How to Interpret the New Works? // The Rest Does not Count: They are Minor Formal Differences Between the Three Genres Empathy or Osmosis Notes // 4. Poetics of the Oppressed // Experiments with the People’s Theater in Peru Conclusion:
“Spectator,” a Bad Word! // Notes // 5. Development of the Arena Theater // of Sŕo Paulo Need for the “Joker” // Goals of the “Joker” // Structures of the “Joker” // Appendices

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