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1st pub.
New York: Routledge, 2015
xii, 502 s. : il. ; 25 cm

ISBN 978-0-415-53925-8 (brož.)
Educational psychology handbook series
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CONTENTS // Acknowledgments xj // Chapter 1 Introduction 1 - MICHELE GREGOIRE GILL AND HELENROSE FIVES // Section 1 FOUNDATIONS OF TEACHERS’BELIEFS RESEARCH 11 // Chapter 2 The Promises, Problems, and Prospects of Research on Teachers’Beliefs 13 - JEPPE SKOTT // Chapter 3 Historical Overview and Theoretical Perspectives of Research on Teachers’ Beliefs 31 - PATRICIA T. ASHTON // Chapter 4 The Development of Teachers’Beliefs 48 - BARBARA B. LEVIN // Chapter 5 The Relationship Between Teachers’ Beliefs and Teachers’ Practices 66 - MICHELLE M. BUEHL AND JORI S. BECK // Section II STUDYING TEACHERS’ BELIEFS 85 // Chapter 6 Assessing Teachers’ Beliefs: Challenges and Solutions 87 - GREGORY SCHRAW AND LORI OLAFSON // Chapter 7 Measuring Teachers’ Beliefs: For What Purpose? 106 - BOBBY H. HOFFMAN AND KATRIN SEIDKL // Chapter 8 Qualitative Approaches to Studying Teachers’ Beliefs 128 - LORI OLAFSON, CRISTINA SALINAS GRANDY, AND MARISSA C. OWENS // Chapter 9 Methods for Studying Beliefs: Teacher Writing, Scenarios, and Metaphor Analysis 150 - ROBERT V. BULLOUGH, JR. // Section III TEACHERS’ IDENTITY, MOTIVATION, AND AFFECT 171 // Chapter 10 The Intersection of Identity, Beliefs, and Politics in Conceptualizing “Teacher Identity” 173 - MICHALI NOS ZEMBYLAS AND SHARON M. CHUBBUCK // Chapter 11 A Motivational Analysis of Teachers’ Beliefs 191 - HELEN M. G. WATT AND PAUL W. RICHARDSON // Chapter 12 The Career Development of Preservice and Inservice Teachers: Why Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs Matter 212 - KAMAU OGINGA SIWATU AND STEVEN RANDALL CHESNUT //
Chapter 13 A “Hot” Mess: Unpacking the Relation Between Teachers’ Beliefs and Emotions 230 - MICHELE GREGOIRE GILL AND CHRISTINA HARDIN // Section IV CONTEXTS AND TEACHERS’ BELIEFS 247 // Chapter 14 Teachers’Beliefs About Teaching (and Learning) 249 - HELENROSE FIVES, NATALIE LACATENA, AND LAURA GERARD // Chapter 15 Teachers’ Instructional Beliefs and the Classroom Climate: Connections and Conundrums 266 - CHRISTINE RUBIE-DAVIES // Chapter 16 Teachers’Beliefs About Assessment 284 - NICOLE BARNES, HELENROSE FIVES, AND CHARITY M. DACEY // Chapter 17 Context Matters: The Influence of Collective Beliefs and Shared Norms 301 - MEGAN TSCHANNEN MORAN, SERENA J. SALLOUM, AND ROGER D. GODDARD // Section V TEACHERS’ BELIEFS ABOUT KNOWING AND TEACHING WITHIN ACADEMIC DOMAINS 317 // Chapter 18 Personal Epistemologies and Teaching 319 - IO LUNN, SUE WALKER, AND JULIA MASCADRI // Chapter 19 The Individual, the Context, and Practice: A Review of the Research on Teachers’ Beliefs Related to Mathematics 336 - DIONNE CROSS FRANCIS, LAUREN RAPACKI, AND AY PER EKER // Chapter 20 Beliefs About Reading, Text, and Learning From Text 353 - ULIANA MAGGIONI, EMILY FOX, AND PATRICIA A. ALEXANDER // Chapter 21 Science Teachers’ Beliefs: Perceptions of Efficacy and the Nature of Scientific Knowledge and Knowing 370 - JASON A. CHEN, DAVID B. MORRIS, AND NASSER MANSOUR //
Chapter 22 Teachers’ Beliefs About Social Studies 387 - CARLA L. PECK AND LINDSAY HERRIOT // Chapter 23 Teachers’ Beliefs and Uses of Technology to Support 21 st-century Teaching and Learning 403 - PEGGY A. ERTMER, ANNE T. OTTENBREIT-LEFTWICH, AND JO TONDEUR // Section VI TEACHERS’ BELIEFS ABOUT LEARNERS 419 // Chapter 24 Preschool Teachers’ Ideas about How Children Learn Best: An Examination of Beliefs about the Principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practice 421 - AMANDA S. WILCOX-HERZOG, SHARON L. WARD, EUGENE H. WONG, AND MERIDYTH S. MCLAREN // Chapter 25 Teachers’ Beliefs About Cultural Diversity: Problems MARÍA VILLEGAS, AND ADRIAN D. MARTIN // Chapter 27 Teachers’ Beliefs About Students with Special Needs and Inclusion 475 - MARY THERESA KIELY, MARY T. BROWNELL, ALEXANDRA A. LAUTERBACH, AND AMBER E. BENEDICT // List of Contributors 492 // Index 495

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