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First English edition
[Praha] : Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press, [2015]
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ISBN 9788024629179 (ebook)
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The volume presents the author’s articles written in the last fifteen years, dealing with the interaction between syntax, functional sentence perspective (information structure) and text in present-day English. It is divided into five parts, I Syntactic Constancy, II Syntax FSP Interface, III FSP and Semantics, IV Syntax, FSP, Text and V Style, which reveal the two facets of functional sentence perspective: syntactic structures as realization forms of the carriers of FSP functions, and the connection of FSP with the level of text. The first and the last two parts frame the content of the volume in treating the role of functional sentence perspective at the syntactic and the textual levels. At the former, FSP is investigated as a potential factor of syntactic divergence between English and Czech, at the latter the role of FSP is examined with respect to theme development, text build-up and style. The points discussed in the other parts concern, among others, the hierarchical relationship between syntax and FSP, the question of potentiality in FSP structure, different realization forms of FSP structure and FSP functions, general and specific questions of word order, with major attention paid to the role of semantics.
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Preface // I. SYNTACTIC CONSTANCY // 1. Constancy of the syntactic and FSP function of the subject // 2. Syntactic constancy of adverbials between English and Czech // 3. A side view of syntactic constancy of adverbials between English and Czech // 4. Syntactic constancy of the subject complement. Part 1: A comparison between Czech and English // 5. Syntactic constancy of the subject complement. Part 2: A comparison between English and Czech // 6. Syntactic constancy of clause elements between English and Czech // 7. Syntactic constancy of the verb between English and Czech // 8. Noun modification in English and czech: a contrastive view // II. SYNTAX FSP INTERFACE // 9. From the heritage of Vilém Mathesius and Jan Firbas: Syntax in the service of FSP // 10. Basic distribution of communicative dynamism vs. nonlinear indication of functional sentence perspective // 11. Synonymy vs. differentiation of variant syntactic realizations of FSP functions // 12. Syntactic forms of the presentation scale and their differentiation // 13. Systemic possibilities of variable word order and their realization in text // 14. Note on a potential textual feature of putative should // 15. On Bohumil Trnka’s concept of neutralization and its nature on the higher language levels // 16. Some thoughts on potentiality in syntactic and FSP structure // III. FSP AND SEMANTICS // 17. The relations between semantics and FSP as seen by Anglicist members of the Prague Linguistic Circle // 18. Expressing indefiniteness in English // IV. SYNTAX, FSP, TEXT // 19. Theme movement in academic discourse // 20. Theme development in academic and narrative text // 21. Syntactic construction, information structure and textual role: an interface view of the cleft sentence // 22. A textual view of noun modification // V. STYLE // 23. Textual links as indicators of different functional styles // 24. Noun modification in fiction and academic prose // References

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