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Los Angeles ; London ; New Delhi ; Singapore ; Washington DC : SAGE reference, [2014]
2 svazky : ilustrace ; 29 cm

ISBN 978-1-4522-3089-4 (vázáno)
Z technických důvodů dílo vydáno ve 2 svazcích
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1, A-K. xxxiii, 454 stran -- 2, L-Z, index. x, strany 455-904
Contents // Volume 1 // List of Entries vii Reader’s Guide xi About the Editor xix Contributors XX Introduction xxvii // A 1 Entries G 345 // В 73 H 359 // С 97 I 397 // D 207 J 431 // E 249 K 439 // F 321 // Volume 2 // List of Entries vii // Entries // L 455 S 729 // M 501 T 789 // N 565 U 821 // O 585 V 829 // P 593 W 847 // Q 677 Y 859 // R 687 // Index 865 // List of Entries // Abilities, Measurement of Accountability and Standards-Based Reform Achievement Gap Achievement Motivation Activity Theory // Actor-Network Theory: Bruno Latour Addams, Jane // Adler, Mortimer, and the Paideia Program // Adolescent Development // Advance Organizers // Aesthetic Education // Affirmative Action // Aims, Concept of // Alienation // Analytic Philosophy of Education: Development and Critiques. See Continental/Analytic Divide in Philosophy of Education; Peters, R. S.; Scheffler, Israel; Wittgenstein, Ludwig Analytical Psychology: Carl Jung Anthropology of Education: Main Traditions and Issues Apple, Michael // Aptitude-Treatment Interactions: Evolution of Research Aquinas and Thomism Arendt, Hannah Aristotle // Arnold, Matthew // Assimilation // Associationism // At-Risk Children // Augustine // Autonomy // Bacon, Francis Beauvoir, Simone de Behavioral Objectives and Operational Definitions Behaviorism Bell Curve // Bildung // Bilingual Education // Bourdieu, Pierre. See Reproduction Theories Bruner, Jerome Buber, Martin // Buddhism. See Indian Religious and Philosophical Traditions
and Education // Capability Approach: Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen Capital: Cultural, Symbolic, and Social Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education Case Studies Castoriadis, Cornelius Causation Cavell, Stanley // Century of the Child, The-. Ellen Key Character Development Charter Schools Childhood, Concept of Children’s Rights // Chinese Philosophical Traditions and Education. // See Confucius Chomsky, Noam Church and State Cicero // Citizenship and Civic Education Code Theory: Basil Bernstein Cognitive Load Theory and Learning Cognitive Revolution and Information Processing Perspectives Coleman Report // Colonialism and Postcolonial Theory Comenius, Johann Amos Common Curriculum // Common School Movement. See Schooling in the United States: Historical Analyses Communicative Action. See Critical Theory Communitarianism Communities of Learners // viii List of Entries // Competence Complexity Theory Conceptual Change Confucius // Connoisseurship and Educational Criticism Constructivism. See Radical Constructivism: // Ernst von Glasersfeld; Social Constructionism Continental/Analytic Divide in Philosophy of Education Cosmopolitanism // Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses Counts, George. See Social Reconstruction Creative and Lateral Thinking: Edward de Bono Creativity // Critical Race Theory Critical Theory Critical Thinking // Cultural Literacy and Core Knowledge/Skills Curriculum, Construction and Evaluation of // Dalton Plan Daoism // Deconstruction // Deliberative
Democracy // Democratic Theory of Education // Deschooling Society: Ivan Illicit // Design Experiments // Dewey, John // Dialogue // Dilthey, Wilhelm. See Hermeneutics // Disciplinarity // Discourse Analysis // Discovery Learning: Pros and Cons // Distributed Cognition // Diversity // Dropouts // Du Bois, W. E. B. // Economic Development and Education Edinburgh School of Sociology of Knowledge Education, Concept of Education, Transcendental Justification of Education Production Functions Educational Measurement and Assessment. See Abilities, Measurement of; High-Stakes Testing; Intelligence: History and Controversies Educational Research, Critiques of Educational Science Educational Theory, Nature of Embodiment Emerson, Ralph Waldo Epistemologies, Teacher and Student // Epistemology, Multicultural Equality of Educational Opportunity Erasmus // Essentialism, Perennialism, and the “Isms” Approach // Ethics in Research // Ethics in Teaching // Ethics of Care. See Noddings, Nel // Ethnicity and Race // Evaluation of Educational and Social Programs: Models // Evidence-Based Policy and Practice Evolution and Educational Psychology Existentialism. See Beauvoir, Simone de; Sartre, Jean-Paul Experiential Learning // Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Research: Campbell and Stanley // Faculty Psychology and Mental Discipline Feminist Epistemology Feminist Ethics Feminist Standpoint Theory Foucault, Michel // Freire, Paulo: Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Critical Pedagogy
Freud, Sigmund Froebel, Friedrich // Gadamer, Hans Georg. See Hermeneutics Gandhi, Mahatma Gender and Education // General Systems Theory. See Accountability and Standards-Based Reform; Complexity Theory Globalization and World Society “Gold Standard” Research: Controversies. See Educational Research, Critiques of Goodman, Paul // Great Books. See Essentialism, Perennialism, and the “Isms” Approach Greene, Maxine // Habermas, Jiirgen. See Critical Theory // Habits // Happiness // Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Heidegger, Martin Herbart, Johann F. // Hermeneutics Hidden Curriculum // Higher Education: Contemporary Controversies // High-Stakes Testing // Homeschooling // List of Entries ix // House of Intellect, The // Human Capital Theory and Education // Identity and Identity Politics Ideology // Immigrants, Education of Indian Religious and Philosophical Traditions and Education Individual Psychology: Alfred Adler Indoctrination Insight Learning // Intelligence: History and Controversies Intelligent Tutoring Systems International Student Assessment (PISA) // Isocrates // James, William // Jewish Educational Philosophy Justice as Fairness. See Rawls, John // Kant, Immanuel // Key, Ellen. See Century of the Child, The: Ellen Key Knowledge, Analysis of Knowledge, Structure of: From Aristotle to Bruner and Hirst Kuhn, Thomas S. // Laboratory School, University of Chicago Lakatos, Imre // Language Acquisition, Theories of // Learning, Theories of // Legal Decisions Affecting
Education // Liberal Education: Overview // Liberalism // Lifelong Education // Linguistic Diversity // Literacy and the New Literacy Studies // Little Commonwealth: Homer Lane // Locke, John // Loose Coupling // Lyotard, Jean-Francois // MacIntyre, Alasdair Makiguchi, Tsunesaburo Managerialism Maritain, Jacques Martin, Jane Roland Marx, Karl // Mead, Gebrge Herbert Mencius // Merleau-Ponty, Maurice. See Phenomenology Metacognition // Mill, John Stuart // Mixed Methods Research. See Qualitative Versus Quantitative Methods and Beyond Modernization Theory Montaigne, Michel de Montessori Education // Moral Development: Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol GiUigan Moral Education Motivation // Multicultural Citizenship Multiculturalism // Multiple Intelligences: Howard Gardner // Multiversity // Murdoch, Iris // Muslim Educational Traditions // Narrative Research // Neill, A. S., and Summerhill // Neoliberalism // Neurosciences and Learning Newman, John Henry (Cardinal) // Nietzsche, Friedrich Noddings, Nel // Oakeshott, Michael Open Schools // Paideia Patriotism Peace Education // Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Lee Shulman Perfectionism. See Cavell, Stanley Pestalozzi, Johann H. // Peters, R. S. // Phenomenological Pedagogy Phenomenology // Philosophical Issues in Educational Research: // An Overview Phronesis (Practical Reason) // Piaget, Jean // Plato // Play // Popper, Karl // Positive Psychology and Education // Positivism // Postmodernism // Postpositivism // Poststructuralism. See Deconstruction;
// Postmodernism // Privatization // Probability and Significance Testing // x List of Entries // Problem-Based Learning // Productive Labor and Occupations: From Dewey to Makarenko Progressive Education and Its Critics Project Method // Psychoanalytically Oriented Theories of Child Development Pure and Applied Research and Pasteur’s Quadrant // Qualitative Versus Quantitative Methods and Beyond Quality of Education Quintilian // Racism and Multicultural Antiracist Education Radical Constructivism: Ernst von Glasersfeld Ranciěre, Jacques. See Teaching, Concept and Models of Rationality and Its Cultivation Rawls, John // Recapitulation, Theory of // Reflective Practice: Donald Schön // Religious Education and Spirituality // Religious Symbols and Clothing // Reproduction Theories // Rhetorical Canons // Right to an Education // Rights: Children, Parents, and Community // Rogers, Carl: Freedom to Learn // Rousseau, Jean-Jacques // Russell, Bertrand // Sartre, Jean-Paul Scheffler, Israel Schleiermacher, Friedrich School and Classroom Climate School Choice // Schooling in the United States: Historical Analyses Schwab, Joseph: The Practical Science Studies. See Actor-Network Theory: Bruno Latour; Edinburgh School of Sociology of Knowledge Self-Regulated Learning Semiotics Service-Learning // Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Single- and Double-Loop Learning Situated Cognition. See Distributed Cognition Social Class // Social Cognitive Theory // Social Constructionism Social
Darwinism Social Reconstruction Social Systems Theory: Talcott Parsons and Niklas Luhmann Socialization // Sociology of Knowledge. See Edinburgh School of Sociology of Knowledge Socrates and Socratic Dialogue Sophists // Spectator Theory of Knowledge Spencer, Herbert // Stage Theories of Development. See Moral Development: Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan; Piaget, Jean Stereotype Effects and Attributions: // Inside and Out Symbolic Interactionism. See Mead, // George Herbert // Taoism. See Daoism Taxonomy of Educational Objectives Teaching, Concept and Models of Teaching Machines: From Thorndike, Pressey, and Skinner to CAI Technology and Education Technology and Society, Critiques of Theories of Action Theory of Mind Toleration // Topophilia (Love of Place) // Transfer of Learning // Utilitarianism // Utopias // Validity, Types of // Value-Free Ideal for Research: Controversies // Values Clarification // Values Education // Verstehen. See Hermeneutics // Virtue Ethics // Vocational Education // Vygotsky, Lev // Waldorf Education: Rudolf Steiner Whitehead, Alfred N. // Wittgenstein, Ludwig Wollstonecraft, Mary // Young, Iris Marion Youth Culture, Theories of

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