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First edition
Amsterdam ; Boston ; Heidelberg ; London ; New York ; Oxford ; Paris ; San Diego ; San Francisco ; Singapore ; Sydney ; Tokyo : Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, 2012
xiv, 800 stran, 44 nečíslovaných stran obrazových příloh : ilustrace, mapy ; 24 cm

ISBN 978-0-12-386941-8 (vázáno)
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Contents// Part I // Overviews and Fundamentals // 1. Hydropedology: Addressing Fundamentals and Building Bridges to Understand Complex Pedologie and Hydrologic Interactions 3 // Henry Lin // 2. Understanding Soil Architecture and Its Functional Manifestation across Scales 41 // Henry Lin // 3. Preferential Flow in a Pedologica! Perspective 75 // Nicholas J. Jarvis, Julien Moeys, John Koestel and John M. Hollis // 4. Preferential Flow Dynamics and Plant Rooting Systems 121 // Peter F. Germann, Benjamin Lange and Peter Liischer // 5. Redoximorphic Features as Related to Soil Flydrology and Hydric Soils 143 // MJ. Vepraskas and D.L. Lindbo // 6. Subaqueous Soils: Pedogenesis, Mapping, and Applications 173 // M.C. Rabenhorst and M.H. Stolt // 7. Quantifying Processes Governing Soil-Mantled Hillslope Evolution 205 // Arjun M. Heimsath v GD // Contents // 8. Thermodynamic Limits of the Critical Zone and their Relevance to Hydropedology 243 // Axel Kleidon, Erwin Zehe and Henry Lin // Part II // Case Studies and Applications // 9. Hydropedology in Caliche Soils Weathered from Glen Rose Limestone of Lower Cretaceous Age in Texas 285 // Larry P. Wilding, Maria M. Nobles, Bradford P. Wilcox, Charles M. Woodruff, ]r. and Henry Lin // 10. Hydropedology in Seasonally Dry Landscapes: The Palouse Region of the Pacific Northwest USA 329 // Erin S. Brooks, Ian Boll and Paul A. McDaniel // 11. Hydropedology of the North American Coastal Temperate Rainforest 351 // David V. D’Amore, Jason B. Fel I man, Richard T. Edwards, Eran Hood and Chien-Lu Ping // 12. Hydropedology in the Ridge and Valley: Soil Moisture Patterns and Preferential Flow Dynamics in Two Contrasting Landscapes 381 // Ying Zhao, Jialiang Tang, Chris Graham, Qing Zhu, Ken Takagi and Henry Lin // 13. Geophysical Investigations of Soil-Landscape Architecture and Its Impacts on Subsurface Flow 413 //
James Doolittle, Qing Zhu, Jun Zhang, Li Guo and Henry Lin // 14. Hydropedology, Geomorphology, and Groundwater Processes in Land Degradation: Case Studies in South West Victoria, Australia 449 // Richard MacEwan, Peter Dahlhaus and Jonathon Fawcett // 15. Hydropedology as a Powerful Tool for Environmental Policy and Regulations: Toward Sustainable Land Use, Management and Planning 483 // J. Bouma // Contents // GD // Part III // Advances in Modeling, Mapping, and Coupling // 16. Soil Information in Hydrologic Models: Hard Data, Soft Data, and the Dialog between Experimentalists and Modelers 515 // Michael Rinderer and Jan Seibert // 17. Hydrological Classifications of Soils and their Use in Hydrological Modeling 537 // A. Lilly, S.M. Dunn and NJ. Baggaley // 18. Subsurface Flow Networks at the Hillslope Scale: Detection and Modeling 559 // Chris B. Graham and Henry Lin // 19. Hydrologic Information in Pedologie Models 595 // A. Samoué’lian, P. Finke, Y. Goddéris and S. Cornu // 20. Modeling and Mapping Soil Spatial and Temporal Variability 637 // DJ. Mulla // 21. Digital Soil Mapping: Interactions with and Applications for Hydropedology 665 // J.A. Thompson, S. Roecker, S. Grunwald and P.R. Owens // 22. Coupling Biogeochemistry and Hydropedology to Advance Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling Science 711 // Michael J. Castellano, David Bruce Lewis, Danielle M. Andrews and Marshall D. McDaniel // 23. Coupling Ecohydrology and Hydropedology at Different Spatio-Temporal Scales in Water-Limited Ecosystems 737 // Xiao-Yan Li, Henry Lin and Delphis F. Levia // 24. Hydropedology: Summary and Outlook 759 // Henry Lin // Index 783

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