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Voznice : Leda, 2010
399 stran : ilustrace, mapy ; 21 cm + 3 CD

ISBN 978-80-7335-227-1 (brožováno)
Předmluva v češtině
Map of the book -- Předmluva 5 -- 12 -- Unit l DO IT! CDl/01-09 -- Input Shape, size and number 13 -- Fl shapes, spatial relations instructions 14 -- text How to draw a plan, A pendulum and a water clock -- FL pronunciation of c, g, ch\\ articles; adjectives; spelling; homophones; plurals 17 -- FAS self-assessment questionnaires; anticipation; reading / listening with a 19 -- text purpose Did dinosaurs lack daughters? -- H types of text; word study: number x figure x digit x numera/, follow, calculate x compute x count, technique x technology 23 -- text Fibonacci -- -- Input Be your own gardener 28 -- Fl physical description; guessing the meaning, synonyms, antonyms 28 -- FL word recognition, sound discrimination, open x closed syllables, conversion, with + instrument, adverbs of manner, countable x uncountable nouns, word formation (-er/-or), formal x informal language, sequence markers 29 -- text How to make tea / lemonade / porridge -- FAS how to write a letter: methods of reading: scanning; listening with a 36 -- text purpose sample letter. The brail Herbals and herbalism -- H word families; word formation (conversion); types of text; word study: right, learn, address, pi ant 40 -- text How to protect your ho sne against fire -- Unit 3 PLACES CD1/15-21 -- Input Edinburgh 44 -- Fl topical vocabulary: town, geographical terms; whole-part relationship; evaluating adjectives 46 -- text Australia -- FL word stress, linking of words, prepositions, there is i are, articles with
place names, comparatives and superlatives, comparison and contrast, parallelism, intensi tiers and downtoners 49 -- text The Thames Valley -- FAS description of a place 59 -- text The Tower of London, \\ medieval village -- H word formation (derivation); word study: most, consist of x contain x include, consist of < in description of a place 61 -- Unit 4 UNIVERSITIES CD1/22-35 -- Input University guide 66 -- Fl topical vocabulary: university studies, sports facilities 68 -- text information session, Accommodation -- FL sound discrimination, stress in long words, pronunci ition of kn-, wr-, ps-, 74 pn-, simple present tense, questions, negatives: never, any x some, adj + to-V, until x by\\ interesting x interested -- FAS organization of paragraphs 79 -- text Declining death rates -- H word study: science, inženýr technik, organization o text 82 -- Units MECHANISMS CD1/36-39 -- Input The London Eye 85 -- Fl physical x functional description 86 -- text Breathalyser -- FL pronunciation ofun-* action x non-action verbs, que tiors referring to 89 -- subject, participles expressing circumstances, too / c lough (for) + to-V, another x other -- FAS surveying a text 96 -- text Europa, Learning to read and reading to learn -- H word formation (derivation), word order, physical fl ltuivs, numerals 99 -- organization of paragraphs, book review-text Food and health. Energy economics: growth, resour es and policies -- Unit 6 PROCESSES CD1/40-48 -- Input Photocopier 103 -- Fl parts of a mechanism,
description of a process 104 -- text Useful or useless? -- FL pronunciation: voiced x voiceless consonants,-able,-ag/: word formation 106 (re. uiW in-/ im-/ il-/ ir able/-ible. mis-, dis-); pa: >ive voice, by y with: process description x report -- text TV coverage of war. Survey of academic writing -- FAS understanding the function and/or main idea of parti of a text 110 -- text Goodbye greengrocers, hello cosmetic surgeons; PI; uk> -- H spelling:-i /-y; word study: made of ■ made from »/// (■/, as < /ike, as 112 because / when, till i until: sequence markers; anton ms; Y-ed, ; to~Y in postmodification -- text How British Parliament makes new laws. Parkinson , lav -- Unit? CYCLES CD1/49-54 -- Input The nitrouen cycle 118 -- Fl text types, description of a cyclical process 119 -- text Food chain in the sea. Global warning -- FL pronunciation of [ou] > [o, o:],-able/-ible; irregular and foreign plurals, everyday x formal voc.ibulary, noun substitutes: one x that, emphasizing the agent, determiners, uncountable nouns 121 -- text Doppler effect, Bird photography -- FAS organization of text: outline of the text structure 128 -- text an experiment, Why did the Paris airport terminal collapse? -- H work with diagrams; respectively, expressing purpose: in order /so as + to-V; abbreviations; fa se friends 130 -- text Air conditioning -- Unit 8 DEFINITIONS CD2/01-O5 -- Input What’s a thesaurus? 134 -- Fl qualifying adjectives, > ynonyms, comparing things 135 -- text The game of chess,
Parents’ problems -- FL pronunciation of-ougk. stress in nouns / adjectives x verbs, classification x identification, defining relative clauses, types of definitions 139 -- FAS dealing with data: graphic presentation of data 145 -- H word study: do x make, rise x arise x raise, increase 154 -- text Humidity, The use of electronic graphics in forecasting the weather -- Unit 9 HEALTH MATTERS CD2/06-10 -- Input Food poisoning. Common mistakes leading to food poisoning 158 -- Fl topical vocabulary: health and disease 159 -- text The effect of vitamin L-complex on the human body -- FL pronunciation of word which do not rhyme, it is / was for emphasis, uses of V-ing, uses of gerund, sentence structure, cause and effect 161 -- text Coughs, Old records saved by particle physics, Police dog dies of overdose -- FAS taking notes (from a te\ ), systems of listing and numbering 168 -- text Fibres -- H generalization: scale o quantity; a few x several; taking notes from a text 172 -- text Unemployment, Womtn, Law in England and Wales, Painkillers -- Unit 10 HOTEL OR HOSTEL? CD2/11-14 -- Input Youth hostelling: Rules and regulations 176 -- Fl language of regulations and public notices; expressing permission, (lack of) obligation, prohibition 177 -- text Tourism in the Lake D strict National Park -- FL pronunciation of-ca-\\ prepositions; expressing (absence of) necessity, must x have to\\ expressing ability; too x not either 178 -- FAS following a lecture: markers of text organization 183 --
text Actions speak louder than words -- H word study: observe, charge, authority, current, measure, measurement, clean x clear 185 -- text First aid on the road -- Unitll TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE CD2/15-26 -- Input Lost in translation 190 -- Fl yet, word formation (nouns and verbs), matching adjectives and nouns, 191 -- talking about research text radio broadcast -- FL future tense and other ways of referring to and expressing the future, time 194 clauses referring to th_e future -- FAS taking notes from a lecture 198 -- text extracts from lectures -- H word study: choosing the right word, prove; will for characteristic 199 -- behaviour; articles: specific x generic reference, summary of article use, to be important / of importance -- text Medical fridge, The differences in wildlife between island and mainland -- Unit 12 A LESSON IN HISTORY CD2/27-34 -- Input The British mixture 205 -- Fl history terms; names of countries and nationalities, ie-ccnstituting a text 206 -- from scrambled sentences text Growth of the USA -- FL word formation (nouns and verbs), pronunciation oi-ate, past tense simple 209 and progressive, yes / no-questions, wh-questions, u se of past tenses, time indicators and relators -- text The settlement of Australia -- FAS tips for effective note taking: abbreviations and symbols, sharing notes 215 text New Zealand, Dr Knox, The sound of music -- H time expressions, irregular verb forms 218 -- Unit 13 MEN AND MACHINES CD2/35-38 -- Input The industrial revolution
220 -- Fl topical vocabulary: industry; word families; qualifying adjectives; 222 -- questions (revision) text The story of Štefan Banič -- FL defining + non-defining + possessive relative clauses; which = což: 226 -- relative what; the first /last / only + to-V; punctuaticn m irks -- FAS re-constituting a text from notes 235 -- text Taking the high road to a smoother journey -- H americanisms,-ize or-ise?, sub-technical vocabulary 236 -- text Britain’s canals, How grandfather cut the lawn, Spreadsheets -- Unit 14 TRAINING FOR A CAREER CD2/39-42 -- Input student profiles 240 -- Fl topical vocabulary: studies, university degrees; qualifying adjectives 242 -- text My favourite lesson, Career timeline -- FL pre-present tense, /6>r x since; revision: questions, ti nee sT I£ L( i -- FAS résumé / curriculum vitae 251 -- text sample CVs -- H adjectives = adverbs; herd x hardly, late x lately; report on studies; present relevance of past events 257 -- text Decaffeinated coffee bean grown on bush, Gel for safer sex, Death race research -- rUnitl5 RESEARCH CD3/01-02 -- Input The Daedalus project 261 -- Fl topical vocabulary: research; organization of research article 262 -- text presidential address -- FL time relations; reported speech; modal verbs; verbs introducing reported speech and variations on „said"; reported commands, requests, advice; verbs followed by object + to-V; speaking cautiously: expressions for certainty or uncertainty 264 -- text A lunar sample, Recent advances
in genetic research on schizophrenia -- FAS correspondence for job search 273 -- text sample letters -- H word study: amount x number; reported speech: exceptions, to-V after passive verbs of knowing and thinking 279 -- text A breakthrough in a dream -- Unit 16 SUCCESS AND FAILURE CD3/03 -- Input advertisements 282 -- Fl topical vocabulary: personal characteristics, employment 286 -- text A journalist turned salesman -- FL //’ x when; conditional clauses: //,’ unless; structures with wish 290 -- FAS interviewing guide, research paper, bibliography 296 -- H word study: imply x infer; record shop x record number; adverbs of attitude 304 -- text London through centuries -- Unit 17 FOR AND AGAINST CD3/04-05 -- Input Tourism 309 -- Fl foster, promote, boost, encourage; arguments for and against; quality attributing adjectives 311 -- text Yes or no to further education -- FL word formation (derivation); expressing concession;-ever; modal verbs; expressing a point of view; expressing respect / regard 313 -- FAS discussion, argumentation 320 -- H word study: under, attention, suggest, means, trade, question; expressions in affirmative x negative sentences, whatever for emphasis; reviews 323 -- text Seed ageing, Vertebrate reproduction -- IJJif ■ 4 / m,: CD3/06 -- Input On "social justice" 330 -- Fl economic terms; commenting 332 -- text Money-saving tips for students -- FL word study: industry, industrial, industrious; substitute, substitution; 334 -- _there-; for + object + to-V;
expressing purpose (sumi i ary); subj v e -- FAS notes on writing: effective sentences, effective paragraphs J 9 -- H do for emphasis, come + to-V; word study: common, 2nd, order; negative 354 -- inversion „ -- Unit 19 REVISION LESSON \\ CD3/07-Ó9 -- Listening comprehension 357 -- Grammar 358 -- Vocabulary 363 -- Reading 366 -- Spelling " " ""_367 -- Punctuation 368 -- 369 -- llllllll 

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