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New York : Oxford University Press, 2018
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ISBN 9780199989850 (ebook)
Oxford handbooks online
Print version : ISBN 9780199989423
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Positive Freedom and the General Will / Piper L. Bringhurst, Gerald Gaus -- Freedom and Enlightenment / Ryan Patrick Hanley -- Boundaries, Subjection to Laws, and Affected Interests / Carmen E. Pavel -- Can Constitutions Limit Government? / Michael Huemer -- Freedom and the (Posthumous) Harm Principle / David Boonin -- Planning, Freedom, and the Rule of Law / Steve Wall -- Democracy and Freedom / Jason Brennan -- Freedom and Religion / Richard J. Arneson -- On the Conflict between Liberty and Equality / Hillel Steiner -- Freedom and Influence in Formative Education / Kyla Ebels-Duggan -- Market Failure, the Tragedy of the Commons, and Default Libertarianism in Contemporary Economics and Policy / Mark Budolfson -- Exploitation and Freedom / Matt Zwolinski -- Voluntariness, Coercion, Self-ownership / Serena Olsaretti -- Freedom and Equality / Elizabeth Anderson -- The Impartial Spectator and the Moral Teachings of Markets / Virgil Henry Storr -- Freedom, Regulation, and Public Policy / Mark Pennington -- Disciplinary Specialization and Thinking for Yourself / Elijah Millgram -- Non-domination / Frank Lovett -- Free Will as a Psychological Accomplishment / Eddy Nahmias -- Self-Ownership as a Form of Ownership / Daniel C. Russell -- Prisoners of Misbelief: Why the Friends and Theorists of Freedom Should Pay More Attention to its Epistemic Conditions / Allen Buchanan -- Freedom in the Scholastic Tradition / Edward Feser -- Platonic Freedom / Fred D. Miller Jr. -- Introduction to the Oxford Handbook of Freedom / Carmen E. Pavel, David Schmidtz -- Moralized Conceptions of Liberty / Ralf M. Bader -- Adam Smith’s Libertarian Paternalism / James R. Otteson -- The Point of Self-Ownership / David Sobel -- Aristotelian Freedom / David Keyt -- Freedom, Slavery and Identity in Renaissance Florence: The Faces of Leon Battista Alberti / Orlando Patterson
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