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New York : Oxford University Press, 2018
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ISBN 9780199372287 (ebook)
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Print version : ISBN 9780199372263
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Arguments for Consuming Animal Products / Bob Fischer -- You Are What You Eat, But Should You Eat What You Are? Modern Philosophical Dietetics / Aaron Garrett, John Grey -- Food Insecurity: Dieting as Ideology, as Oppression, and as Privilege / Tracy Isaacs -- I Eat, Therefore I Am: Disgust and the Intersection of Food and Identity / Dan Kelly, Nicolae Morar -- Shame, Seduction, and Character in Food Messaging / Rebecca Kukla -- Food Ethics in the Middle Ages / Henrik Lagerlund -- Morality and Aesthetics of Food / Sam Liao, Aaron Meskin -- The New Hunter and Local Food / Charles List -- The Clean Plate Club? Food Waste and Individual Responsibility / Erich Hattala Matthes, Jacelyn Hattala Matthes -- Racial Imperialism and Food Traditions / Lee A. Mcbride -- The Ethical Basis for Veganism / Tristram McPherson -- Ethics for Fish / Eliot Michaelson, Andrew Reisner -- Consumer Choice and Collective Impact / Julia Nefsky --
Food Choices & Moral Character / Kate Nolfi -- Local Food Movements: Differing Conceptions of Food, People, and Change / Samantha Noll, Ian Werkheiser -- Food, Fairness, and Global Markets / Madison Powers -- Multi-Issue Food Activism: The Ethics of Pursuing Unity, Solidarity, and Mutual Understanding across Food Movements" / Jeff Sebo -- The Etiquette of Eating / Karen Stohr -- Deceptive Advertising and Taking Responsibility for Others / Seana Valentine Shiffrin -- The Moral Burdens of Temporary Farmwork / Sabine Tsuruda -- Orthorexia, Health, and Gender: Social Constructions and Unattainable Ideals / Christina van Dyke -- Who You Are Is What You Eat: Food in Ancient Thought / Katja Vogt -- Food Sovereignty, Justice and Indigenous Peoples: An Essay on Settler Colonialism and Collective Continuance / Kyle Powys Whyte -- Sustainable Agriculture, Environmental Philosophy, and the Ethics of Food / Clark Wolf -- The Ethics of Being a Foodie /
Susan Wolf -- Public Justification and the Politics of Agriculture / Danny Shahar -- Farming, the Virtues and Agrarian Philosophy / Paul B. Thompson -- Introduction / Anne Barnhill, Mark Bryant Budolfson, Tyler Doggett -- Food, the Environment, and Global Justice / Mark Bryant Budolfson -- Genetically-Modified food: Fostering Better Dialogue About What Counts as ’Good’ Food / Rachel A. Ankeny, Heather Bray -- Religion, Fasting, Efficacy, Hope / Andrew Chignell -- Concerning Cattle: Behavioral and Neuroscientific Evidence for Pain, Desire, and Self-Consciousness / Gary Comstock -- Paternalism, Food, and Personal Freedom / Sarah Conly -- Obesity and Responsibility / Beth Dixon -- Food Labor Ethics / Tyler Doggett, Seth Holmes
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