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Third edition.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2015
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ISBN 9781317753704 (ebook) ISBN !9780415740753 (chyb.)
ISBN 1317753704 (ebook) ISBN !0415740754 (chyb.)
ISBN 978131753711 (ebook) ISBN !9780131274686 (chyb.)
ISBN 1317753712 (ebook)
ISBN 9781315797496 ((ebook))
ISBN 1315797496 (ebook) ISBN !0131274686 (chyb.)
Tištěná verze : Lowe, J.J. (Joseph John), 1946- Reconstructing quaternary environments. Third edition. ISBN 9780415740753 ISBN 0415740754
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Cover; Half Title; Dedication; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; List of figures and tables; Preface to the third edition; Acknowledgements; Cover image details; 1 The Quaternary record; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Interpreting the Quaternary record; 1.3 The status of the Quaternary in the geological timescale; 1.4 The duration of the Quaternary; 1.5 The development of Quaternary studies; 1.5.1 Historical developments; 1.5.2 Recent developments; 1.6 The framework of the Quaternary; 1.7 The causes of climatic change; 1.8 The scope of this book; Notes; 2 Geomorphological evidence.
2.1 Introduction2.2 Methods; 2.2.1 Field methods; Field mapping; Instrumental levelling; 2.2.2 Remote sensing; Aerial photography; Satellite imagery; Radar; Sonar and seismic sensing; Digital elevation/terrain modelling; 2.3 Glacial landforms; 2.3.1 Extent of ice cover; 2.3.2 Geomorphological evidence and the extent of ice sheets and glaciers during the last cold stage; Northern Europe; Britain and Ireland; North America; 2.3.3 Direction of ice movement; Striations; Friction cracks. Ice-moulded (streamlined) bedrock2.3.3.4 Streamlined glacial deposits; 2.3.4 Reconstruction of former ice masses; Ice sheet modelling; Ice caps and glaciers; 2.3.5 Palaeoclimatic inferences using former glacier elevations; Cirque floor altitude (CFA) and toe-to-headwall (THAR) methods; ELA/FLA method; 2.4 Periglacial landforms; 2.4.1 Palaeoclimatic inferences based on periglacial evidence; Rock glaciers; Pingos and palsas; Pronival (’’protalus’’) ramparts; 2.5 Sea-level change; 2.5.1 Relative and ’’absolute’’ sea-level changes.
2.5.2 Eustatic changes in sea level2.5.2.1 Pre-Quaternary eustatic changes; Quaternary eustatic changes; 2.5.3 Tectonic influences; 2.5.4 Glacio-and hydro-isostasy; 2.5.5 Shoreline sequences in areas affected by glacio-isostasy; 2.5.6 Palaeoenvironmental significance of sea-level changes; 2.6 River terraces; 2.6.1 Origins of river terraces; Eustatic changes in sea level; Climatic change; Glaciation; Tectonic changes; Human activity; 2.6.2 River terraces and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction; 2.6.3 The terraces of the River Thames.
2.7 Quaternary landforms in low latitudes2.7.1 Pluvial lakes; 2.7.2 Dunefields; 2.7.3 Fluvial landforms; 2.7.4 Weathering crusts; 2.8 Conclusions; Notes; 3 Lithological evidence; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Field and laboratory methods; 3.2.1 Sediment sections; 3.2.2 Coring; 3.2.3 Laboratory methods; Particle size measurements; Particle shape; Surface textures of quartz particles; Organic carbon content; Metallic elements; Heavy minerals; Clay mineralogy; Mineral magnetic analysis; Stable isotope analysis.
"Examines the various forms of evidence used to establish the history and scale of environmenal changes during the Quaternary. This book examines a wide range palaeological indicators, and synthesises field and laboratory techniques. It is widely illustrated and employs progressive leanring techniques throughout"-- Provided by publisher..
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