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First edition.
London : Taylor and Francis, 2017.
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ISBN 1351159194 (ebk)
ISBN 9781351159197
Part, I Conceptual Developments in Economic Geography -- chapter 1 A perspective of economic geography / Allen J. Scott -- chapter 2 Paul Krugman’s Geographical Economics and Its Implications for Regional Development Theory: A Critical Assessment* / Ron Martin Peter Sunley -- chapter 3 An Institutionalist Perspective on Regional Economic Development* / Ash Amin -- chapter 4 Toward a relational economic geography / Harald Bathelt Johannes Gluckler -- chapter 5 Conceptualizing economies and their geographies: spaces, flows and circuits / Ray Hudson -- chapter 6 Why is economic geography not an evolutionary science? Towards an evolutionary economic geography / Ron A. Boschma Koen Frenken -- part, II The Localization of Global Economic Space -- chapter 7 Neo-Marshallian Nodes in Global Networks* / Ash Amin Nigel Thrift -- chapter 8 Sticky Places in Slippery Space: A Typology of Industrial Districts* / Ann Markusen --
chapter 9 ’Globalizing’ regional development: a global production networks perspective / Neil M Coe Martin Hess Henry Wai-chung Yeungt Peter Dicken Jeffrey Henderson -- chapter 10 Theorizing Economic Geographies of Asia / Henry Wai-chung Yeung George C. S. Lin -- part, III Firms, Workers and Places -- chapter 11 Sunk costs: a framework for economic geography / Gordon L Clark Neil Wrigley -- chapter 12 Firms in Territories: A Relational Perspective* / Peter Dicken Anders Malmberg -- chapter 13 Labor and Agglomeration: Control and Flexibility in Local Labor Markets* / Jamie Peck -- chapter 14 The Economic Geography of Talent / Richard Florida -- part, IV Culture, Technology and the Geographies of Knowledge -- chapter 15 Telecommunications and the Changing Geographies of Knowledge Transmission in the Late 20th Century / Barney Warf -- chapter 16 The cultural economy: geography and the creative field / Allen J. Scott --
chapter 17 "Being There": Proximity, Organization, and Culture in the Development and Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies* / Merle S. Gertler -- chapter 18 Towards a Knowledge-based Theory of the Geographical Cluster / Peter Maskell -- chapter 19 The Evolution of Technologies in Time and Space: From National and Regional to Spatial Innovation Systems / Paivi Oinas Edward J. Malecki -- chapter 20 The Economic Geography of the Internet Age / Edward E. Leamer Michael Storper -- part, V Regulating Economic Spaces -- chapter 21 The Post-Keynesian State and the Space Economy / Ron Martin Peter Sunley -- chapter 22 Neoliberalizing Space / Jamie Peck Adam Tickell -- chapter 23 Globalization and the politics of local and regional development: the question of convergence / Kevin R Cox -- chapter 24 The global trend towards devolution and its implications / Andres Rodriguez-Pose Nicholas Gill.
"Economic geographers have always argued that space is key to understanding the economy, that the processes of economic growth and development do not occur uniformly across geographic space, but rather differ in degree and form as between different nation’s, regions, cities and localities, with major implications for the geographies of wealth and welfare. This was true in the industrial phase of global capitalism, and is no less true in the contemporary era of post-industrial, knowledge-driven global capitalism. Indeed, the marked changes occurring in the structure and operation of the economy, in the sources of wealth creation, in the organisation of the firm, in the nature of work, in the boundaries between market and state, and in the regulation of the socio-economy, have stimulated an unprecedented wave of theoretical, conceptual and empirical enquiry by economic geographers. Even economists, who traditionally have viewed the economy in non-spatial terms, as existing on the head of the proverbial pin, are increasingly recognising the importance of space, place and location to understanding economic growth, technological innovation, competitiveness and globalisation. This collection of previously published work, though containing but a fraction of the huge explosion in research and publication that has occurred over the past two decades, seeks to convey a sense of this exciting phase in the intellectual development of the discipline and its importance in grasping the spatialities of contemporary economic life."--Provided by publisher..
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