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Waltham, Mass. : Elsevier, ©2014.
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ISBN 9780123965066 ((ebook))
ISBN 0123965063 ((ebook))
ISBN 9780123964595
ISBN 0123964598
Tištěná verze : Worrell, Ernst. Handbook of Recycling. Burlington : Elsevier Science, 2014 ISBN 9780123964595
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Part I: Recycling in Context. 1 Recycling A Key Factor for Resource Efficiency -- 2 Definitions and Terminology -- 3 Recycling in Context -- 4 Recycling Rare Metals -- 5 Theory and Tools of Physical Separation/Recycling -- Part II: Recycling -- Application & Technology. 6 Recycling of Steel -- 7 Copper Recycling -- 8 Lead Recycling -- 9 Zinc and Residue Recycling -- 10 Recycling of Rare Metals -- 11 Recycling of Lumber -- 12 Paper Recycling -- 13 Plastic Recycling -- 14 Glass Recycling -- 15 Textile Recycling -- 16 Cementitious Binders Incorporating Residues -- 17 Industrial By-products -- 18 Recovery of Metals from Different Secondary Resources (Waste).
19 Recycling of Carbon Fibers -- 20 Recycling of Construction and Demolition Wastes -- 21 Recycling of Packaging -- 22 Material-Centric (Aluminum and Copper) and Product-Centric (Cars, WEEE, TV, Lamps, Batteries, Catalysts) Recycling and DfR Rules -- 23 Separation of Large Municipal Solid Waste -- 24 Recovery of Construction and Demolition Wastes -- 25 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management -- 26 Developments in Collection of Municipal Solid Waste -- Part III: Strategy and Policy. 27 From Recycling to Eco-design -- 28 Recycling and Labeling -- 29 Informal Waste Recycling in Developing Countries.
30 Squaring the Circular Economy: The Role of Recycling within a Hierarchy of Material Management Strategies -- 31 The Economics of Recycling -- 32 Geopolitics of Resources and Recycling -- 33 Recycling in Waste Management Policy -- 34 Voluntary and Negotiated Agreements -- 35 Economic Instruments -- 36 Information Instruments -- 37 Regulatory Instruments: Sustainable Materials Management, Recycling, and the Law.
Handbook of Recycling is an authoritative review of the current state-of-the-art of recycling, reuse and reclamation processes commonly implemented today and how they interact with one another. The book addresses several material flows, including iron, steel, aluminum and other metals, pulp and paper, plastics, glass, construction materials, industrial by-products, and more. It also details various recycling technologies as well as recovery and collection techniques. To completely round out the picture of recycling, the book considers policy and economic implications, including the impact of recycling on energy use, sustainable development, and the environment. With contemporary recycling literature scattered across disparate, unconnected articles, this book is a crucial aid to students and researchers in a range of disciplines, from materials and environmental science to public policy studies..
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