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[Amsterdam] : Elsevier Science and Technology, [2015]
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ISBN 9780124104471 (electronic book)
ISBN 0124104479 (electronic book)
ISBN !0124103901 (chyb.)
ISBN !9780124103900 (chyb.)
Tištěná verze : Nerves and Nerve Injuries : Vol 1: History, Embryology, Anatomy, Imaging, and Diagnostics. Burlington : Elsevier Science, ©2015 ISBN 9780124103900
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Front Cover; Nerves and Nerve Injuries: Volume 1: History, Embryology, Anatomy, Imaging, and Diagnosis; Copyright; Dedication; References; Contents; Contributors; Foreword; Reference; Preface; Part I: History, Histology and Development of the Peripheral Nerves; Chapter 1: History of the Peripheral and Cranial Nerves; Some Further Historical Concepts Related to Peripheral Nerve Anastomosis; Further Thoughts on Peripheral Nerve Tumors; Classification of the Different Grades of Peripheral Nerve Injury and Introduction of Electrophysiological Techniques for ... ; References.
Chapter 2: History of Peripheral Nerve RepairReferences; Chapter 3: Embryology of the Peripheral Nerves; Introduction; Histology of a Peripheral Nerve; Embryology of the Connective Tissue Component of Peripheral Nerves; Embryology of Peripheral Nerves; Conclusion; References; Chapter 4: Development of the Cranial Nerves; Introduction; What are the Cranial Nerves?; Functional Components; The Cranial Nerves Can Be Classified as Follows:; General Points of Central Nervous System Development and Cranial Nerves; Prosencephalon; Mesencephalon; Hindbrain; Specific Actors of Cranial Nerve Development.
Neural CrestCranial Placodes; The Otic Placode; The Olfactory Placode; The Trigeminal Placode; The Epibrachial Placodes; Molecular Aspects of Cranial Nerve Development; Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) Gene; Homeobox Genes; Bone Morphogenetic Proteins; Fibroblast Growth Factors; Wnt Signaling; Congenital Diseases of the Cranial Nerves; Duane Retraction Syndrome (DRS Type I); Congenital Fibrosis of the ExtraOcular Muscles (CFEOM); Congenital Third Nerve Palsy; Congenital Fourth Nerve Palsy; Möbius Syndrome; Double Elevator Palsy; de Morsier Syndrome (Septo-Optic Dysplasia).
Congenital Horizontal Gaze PalsyBrown Syndrome; Kallmann Syndrome; References; Chapter 5: Comparative Anatomy of the Peripheral Nerves; Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves; Brachial Plexus; Human Brachial Plexus; Nonhuman Primates; Other Mammals; Lumbar and Sacral Plexuses; Human Lumbosacral Plexus; Nonhuman Primates; Other Mammals; Birds; Brachial Plexus; Lumbar, Sacral, and Pudendal Plexuses; Reptiles and Amphibians; Further Reading; Chapter 6: Histologic Examination of Peripheral Nerves; Characteristics of Microscopic Features of a Peripheral Nerve for Histological Techniques.
Nerve Fiber from the Point of View of Histological TechniquePeripheral Nerve from the Point of View of Histological Technique; Classical Histological Techniques Used in Light Microscopy; Sampling; Fixation; Tissue Processing; Staining; Hematoxylin and Eosin; Luxol Fast Blue Staining; Osmium Tetroxide Method; Bodian Silver Impregnation Method; Holmes Silver Impregnation Method; Trichrome Staining Methods; Peripheral Nerves and Transmission Electron Microscopy; Peripheral Nerves and Scanning Electron Microscopy; References.
Nerves and Nerve Injuries is the first comprehensive work devoted to the nerves of the body. An indispensable work for anyone studying the nerves or treating patients with nerve injuries, these books will become the ’go to’ resource in the field. The nerves are treated in a systematic manner, discussing details such as their anatomy (both macro- and microscopic), physiology, examination (physical and imaging), pathology, and clinical and surgical interventions. The authors contributing their expertise are international experts on the subject. The books cover topics from detailed nerve anatomy..
Online resource; title from digital title page (R2 Library website, viewed June 17, 2016).

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